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The Guilt-Free Gig

With charity events becoming more common than checked shirts in Shoreditch, we take a look at how you can save while you rave.

by Celia Garforth

For those hedonistic mess heads among us, who love to par- ty, but feel guilty about spending £300 notes on what was supposed to be a quite Wednes- day night!......the Guestlist Network has the antidote

Raving is an essentially selfish activity. Which is why we love it. But when you’re given the oppor- tunity to get crunked up and actually help oth-

ers, it’s an added bonus. That’s exactly the phi- losophy behind banging club night Electronox. Set up 2 years ago by bedroom DJ’s, Tom Jen- nings and Sam Coates, the quarterly events are based on the concept of ‘guilt-free raving’ to raise money for the Lili Foun- dation that supports children with cellular disease.

enjoy the music, save the kids. What more could you want from a night out?’ say the boys.

It’s a winning combina- tion. Hosted at pump-




Jan 21 - Feb 19

Shave all your hair

off, fly to India, trek up a mountain and kill a chicken, you will become spiritually enlightened and meet Kevin Spacey.


Jul 24 - Aug 23

end, buy a Ferrari.

Beat the rush this week-

Feb 20 - Mar 20

You will soon be met with

an amazing opportunity, you must take it but only in a man- ner of great hesitation.

‘Get smashed,

ing Shoreditch venue, Gramaphone Bar, Elec- tronox is pure old skool raving carnage. With free glowsticks on the door, the neon facepaint police out in force and a music policy based on, er, BASS, it’s all about fun not attitude. As Sam put it, ‘there’s no moody trendiness. We’re do- ing it for a good cause so everyone should feel happy about themselves and enjoy the night even more knowing that their lack of self-control and bad habits are raising cash for charity!’ Tapping into raver’s ine-

briated generosity has become an intrinsic part of club culture, with Glas- tonbury alone contribut- ing millions per year to good causes. Indeed, the recent tragedy in Haiti seems to have sparked clubland’s collective soul into action with a whole host of grassroots char- ity fundraisers.

One such event was Vibe Bar’s Garden Party in March. Again, it was the brainchild of a couple of ordinary concerned citi- zens, Georgy Dean and Pui Chan, who wanted ‘to do something more

involved than just giving money.’ And so the idea for Garden Party was born – an all-singing, all-dancing, all-day Sun- day mega-session of live music, DJs, stalls, raffles, stand-up comedy and boozed-up debauchery. The enterprising pair even managed to secure both the venue and all the acts for free. With highlights from DJ An- tics, East-London locals the Correspondents and Bristol-based

sibly not the best start to Monday. Most impor- tantly though, Garden Party raised over £2,000 for the Haiti appeal, prov- ing that while raving may well be selfish, ravers certainly aren’t.

Electronox returns to Gramaphone Bar on 10 April

band, the Syte and the Sound, it was the perfect way to spend a loose Sunday... although pos-


guests Pirate Sound System. For full details visit reelectronox To find out more about how you can save while you rave, go to gig-

featuring special


Mar 21 - Apr 20

You win.


Apr 21 - May 21

Do not be afraid to use your

hands, they are the feet of our arms.


May 22 - Jun 22

what it does.

It is what it is and it does


Jun 23 - Jul 23

You fell in love with a

sheep. You’ve always wanted to be a farmer. Don’t deny the farmer in you!


Aug 24 - sep 23

When your mother calls

you she will ask what you did this weekend. Lie.


Sep 24 - Oct 23

works on you.

That hair colour really

Oct 24 - Nov 22


This month do not rely on

anybody else...You know you have the power yourself!

Nov 23 - Dec 21


When confronted between

having to choose from Mint or Strawberry you must choose Mint.


Dec 22 - Jan 20

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