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34 announces judging panel for £10k Short Film Competition

The judging panel for the first Work- place Short Film 2010 competition - with its top prize of £10,000 due to be awarded this Spring - is announced today (30 March, 2010). At the same time, the competition calls on peo- ple to vote now at to help their choice of short film win additional cash prizes.

About the Film Competition

Following promotion to both the film world and general public last year, the competi- tion attracted more than 280 entries. Film mak- ers were asked to submit their short of no more than three minutes on the theme “My Workplace is Wonderful”. The shortlist of 12 films – including drama, docu- mentary, comedy and commercial features – can

now be seen at, and has already been viewed more than 120,000 times.

The National Judging Panel

The five-strong judging panel - who will choose the £10,000 top prize winner - includes both film world and industry leaders, and comprises:

Colin Brown - British Film Commissioner at the UK Film Council, Helen de Witt – London Film Festival Producer at the British Film Institute Joyce Lorrigan - Founder of Margaret Street PR and former Head of Communications for Eu- rope at Walt Disney Company

Luke McKend -

Industry Head, Careers at

Google UK James Reed – Chairman of Paul Weiland - Film and TV Director, whose

500 TV commercials credits include the Walk- er’s Crisps series Martin Warnes, Managing Director at reed., says:

“We’ve been bowled over by the quality and vol-

ume of entries. It’s clear that a huge amount of work has gone into creating a wonderful selec- tion of short films, which has made producing a shortlist from more than 280 entries a particu- larly difficult task.” “We’re lucky enough to have a highly accom- plished panel of judges to choose which film wins the top prize. I look forward to a robust de- bate as they share their views on the final twelve features.”

Watch and vote on the shortlisted entries now:

witter watter

Who’s been saying what on- line this month? Celia names, shames and fames DJ’s mouthing off in cyberspace. You are what you tweet.

5 March Calvin Harris, 11.45am: ‘Trying to per- suade Dizzee Rascal to do a sat nav voice.’

‘Drive Wiv Me’, the smash follow-up to ‘Dance Wiv Me’?!

11 March Sinden, 3.58am: ‘Think I’m addicted to buying socks, no joke.’

As addictions go, you could do a lot worse.

13 March Mr Oizo, 6.43am: ‘I really played like a bum last night.’

Good to know some DJ’s egos haven’t gotten in the way of some good old fashioned self-criticism.

15 March Annie Mac, 8.07am: ‘I wish I had a butler.’

Don’t we all.

21 March Dirt Nasty, 9.30am: ‘Woke up with McDonalds food all over me in my McBed. My McDog was eating the fries off my McDick. I need McHelp.’


Lionel Sinclair

our resident shrink!

He’s been working in the industry of hynotherapy for many years and has decided to offer his advice and wisdom to all of us (why didn’t he come along earlier). No more sleepless nights, worrying about things – if you have anything you would like advice on, write to Lionel and he will answer your questions here in this column every month. He has been specialisng as a professional hypno- therapist and he’s here to help you out with anything you would like advice on.

As well as h e lp i n g people with fears/pho- bias he has also helped with stress in the workplace anxiety and drug/alcohol abuse. So put your thoughts and questions down in writ- ing and send them to shrink@guestlist. net and Lionel will give you some good old fashioned advice (that we all need sometimes.)

11.41pm: ‘Why do we call it taking a shit? Isn’t it more like leaving a shit? In the toilet? Am I right? Aaaah I don’t give a shit. Yesss. GIVE

voucher 8/4/09 16:36 Page 1

a shit.’

Your chat is shit (but he does have a point).

22 March Mark Ronson, 9.39am: ‘Rather have 16 vultures eat my d**k off alive in an open field than see Jennifer Anistons new movie Bounty Hunter.’

Perhaps a tad melodramatic, but the sentiment’s spot on.

Calvin Harris, 10.40am: ‘I just bought a bag and carried it home in another bag.’

Now that’s what we call Rock and Roll.

Caspa, 2.20pm: ‘Lunch with my mum to catch up on mothers day ; )’

Dubstep badass

23 March Herve, 11.02am: ‘Do yahoo news get all their stories from that hatefully cretinous racist homophobic xenophobic rag the Daily Mail?’

Phew, good rant!

25 March Brodinski, 5.32am: MIAMI IS MAD. Hell yeah! Long live WMC. Tiesto, 10.00pm: ‘Miami is pure craziness!!!!!’

See above comment. Appropriate over-use of excla- mation marks.

29 March Sub Focus, 12.51pm: ‘I think we need more strip club raves!’

Because the sound systems in strip clubs are so great.






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7th April 2010

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