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Super Shady

Take a cue from celebs and street fashion types who know that the right pair of sunglasses can add instant mystique, chic and polish to any look. They are the ultimate alibi – and one of the easiest ways to look cool. There is however a se- cret to spec-sporting, you got to make them all your own! Bring that “Olé!” to the eyes, that something that makes one look twice, from retro looks like aviators to oversized “Jackie O” frames, there’s a plethora of different styles out there to suit your face shape….. By Nia Aronoffsky


sunglasses by the iconic designer Christian Dior feature thick frames and colourful design and although a tad on the pricey side, perhaps worth the £170 plunk down at Ur- ban Outfitters to get your mitts on your very own piece of fashion his- tory from the French fashion house renowned for its timeless style. Image: Christian Dior Vintage ‘80s Sunglasses, £170, Urban Outfit- ters


Retro from the 1950s is bang on trend, be it the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer or jazz club sunnies. These trapezoidal lenses (wider at the top than at the bottom) as seen on James Dean and other actors isn’t going nowhere, so get stock- ing up.




A funky favourite of the Olsen twins, Howard Stern and Lady Gaga, modern versions of classic Teashades sunglasses (as made famous by John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne) are all the range with their perfectly round frames and nose-bridge pads, like these unique flash rounds £18 from TopShop. Image: Unique Flash Rounds £18, TopShop.


These cheerful, happy-go-lucky union jack heart glasses £14 by Accessorize instantly make you think of sunshine and the graduated tinted frame creates a hue that flat- ters any colouring. Image: Union Jack Hearts £14, Ac- cessorize


Vintage eyewear that achieved cult status years ago is guaranteed to enhance your visual appearance be- cause let’s face it, they don’t make them like they used to! From classi- cal to freaked out, funky to conser- vative, extravagant to elegant styles, glasses that are few and rare have a vintage charm that makes for the perfect accessory to enhance your individual style. These original ‘80s



“The popularity of punk rock was, in effect, due to the fact that it made ugliness beautiful.”



Make like Hunter S. Thompson and Top Gun pilots with aviators that have been popular ever since they were worn by US military in the 1930s. With their teardrop-shaped lenses and thin metal frame, they’re flattering on almost every face shape and very much in sync with the utilitarian tough-threads infusing clothes from the high street clothes ce moment. Image: La Paz Pilot Aviators £10, New Look

these square-

framed glasses with dark shades and plastic-edged metal frames in tortoise-shell £16, Warehouse. Image: Retro Rimmed £16, Ware- house.


Old Hollywood glamour will come naturally to you in oversized Onas- sis glasses as famously worn by Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s. The plus factor? More protection from sunburn ;) Image: Oversized Gold Detail £16, TopShop


There’s a failsafe rule when it comes to choosing your shades, and that’s to pick a pair in a shape that is the opposite of your face shape. More angular/slim faces look bet- ter in rounder frames; round faces look best in anything but round shades. A rounder face can carry off geometric shapes, ovals, wraps & shields; oval faces can carry off almost any style.


Remember, sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement, they’re a necessity. The color and degree of darkness of a lens doesn’t tell you anything about sunglasses’ ability to block UV rays which can damage your eyes. When buying new sunglasses, check the label and look for the European standard ‘CE’ mark for specs that offer a safe level of sun protection.

Luke Clothing

Luke is a practical interpretation on contemporary menswear. The brand has all the compo- nents of the modern lad, a gen- tleman, a working class hero and a bit of a rogue. The Spring Summer range a is fresh forward thinking collection with highlight colours of Flame, Razza Red, and Cyan Blue. Styl- ing is influeced by elements of the working class hero, Foundry worker meets fashionista, Luke’s taste envelopes all. Stand out pieces are the new twists on

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