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Parts with Choice FM


One of the UK’s most renowned and established urban DJ, Masterstepz, is no longer a part of Choice FM. Stepz’ show gave listeners party vibes and has established not only in the UK but internationally. Not only has Mas- terstepz played a role in bringing hot new urban sounds to the world but is also actively involved in youth proj- ects that help to deter youths from street crime. I caught up with Master- stepz to see what his thoughts were on his leave from Choice FM and his aspirations for 2010.

When I asked Masterstepz what brought about his leave from Choice FM, he stated plain and simple that it was “Time to move on to something different, something a bit more challenging.” Masterstepz has been a long standing DJ for ten years with Choice FM. It is no wonder that after such a great period of time that he is now in search of his own direction. He says that, “The way the station is going is a different direction to where I want to be...” Following his leave on the 5th March, Masterstepz has been a part of a wealth of new ventures. With recently joining Vio- lator Management in the US as their first UK DJ, travelling to Dubai and New York to DJ to crowds of 2,000 people and work-

ing hard in the studio with up and coming talent: I believe it’s safe to say that Master- stepz has broken out of his comfort zone of Choice FM to the upward climb of ca- reer development.

Another of Masterstepz’ ventures is Shoosh, a club night held in the Inc Club at the 02 arena which started in Septem- ber 2008. Stepz describes Shoosh as a venue to “Go clubbing hard!” The club night has seen appearances by Russell Simmons and most recently The Heart- less Crew. Despite this, Stepz makes clear that the emphasis is on the vibes, not the celebrities you may see. “I don’t want the club night to be all about American artists coming to the club...If an American artist is in the country and wants to go out clubbing they are more than welcome to come down!” Shoosh runs every Friday at the Inc Club.

For avid followers and fans, he is not slip- ping off the radar but, still in the music scene being creative ways to utilise his well matured skills as a DJ and a producer. A positive wrap up on the interview was in the line of,”Whatever you want to do in life, put your mind to it and always be posi- tive!” Page 1  |  Page 2  |  Page 3  |  Page 4  |  Page 5  |  Page 6  |  Page 7  |  Page 8  |  Page 9  |  Page 10  |  Page 11  |  Page 12  |  Page 13  |  Page 14  |  Page 15  |  Page 16  |  Page 17  |  Page 18  |  Page 19  |  Page 20  |  Page 21  |  Page 22  |  Page 23  |  Page 24  |  Page 25  |  Page 26  |  Page 27  |  Page 28  |  Page 29  |  Page 30  |  Page 31  |  Page 32  |  Page 33  |  Page 34  |  Page 35  |  Page 36  |  Page 37  |  Page 38  |  Page 39  |  Page 40
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