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videos of the month

Kamran Assadi

Acapella Kelis

Kelis is back and better than ever! Produced by David Guetta (who has made dance gold for the likes of Akon, Kelly Rowland and Es- telle), this beautiful electro-dance number is a natural progression for the quirky and colourful pop star. The video includes Kelis in a number of different guises and outfits to portray her outlandish fashion sense (I never knew tribal Amazonian warriors could look so good, well done Kelis!) as well as her new sense of direction, in her music and in her life. Visually stun- ning!

Rock Your Body Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas are back with this futuristic dance video which follows them battling and running away from robots and in- spiring people to get up, dance, and rock their bodies to the music. We’re treated to some funky and quirky Autotuned vocals from Fer-

Lady GaGa & Beyonce

- Telephone

If you manage to look

gie (that Autotune’s all the range nowadays), robot break-dancing (inspired by that famous Citroen robot car advert), guns that fire “dance bullets”, and some very stylish futuristic attire. Thoroughly entertaining!

Window Seat Erykah Badu

This video is one that will get you thinking and contemplating its meaning. Shot from the point of view of an eyewitness following her, it touches on the assassination of John F Kennedy and features

Quick News

Christina is Back Badu Lil Waynes

Well after apparently going away somewhere (we weren’t aware Miss Aguilera went missing) she is due to release a new album this summer called Bionic. The lead single from the album ‘Not My- self Tonight’ produced by Polow Da Don features Christina sing- ing over some decidedly electro beats, surprisingly. On the album she works with an array of art- ists including Electro-Rock band Ladytron (...’they only want you when your seventeen’...) as well as cool pop Le Tigre. We hope this isn’t her excuse to get on to auto tune.

Erykah Badus new music video (fea- tured above in our top 4) has created quite a stir in America as many are outraged she trips down just before pretending to be shot close to the spot JFK was assassinated. Eeerr? Badu defends herself on a popular American TV show said that she was ‘grossly misunderstood’ and that ‘JFK was a revolutionary’. It seems Badu was trying to share some sort of sen- timent with the late president, but as ever she should have got permission first. A witness of the strip tease called the police to file complaint and now Erykah has been charged with disor- derly conduct.

prison blog

No this is not a joke. Following rumors that Lil Waynes blog, coming live and direct from Rik- ers Island jail in New York, was an April fools joke we can now confirm that no, it is not. Mr Wayne wants to thank all of his fans who have shown support during his trial and sentence (convicted of gun possession) by starting a blog. The blog fea- tures replies to some of the fan mail he’s been receiving, a count down until his release and for the die hard fans T-shirts are on sale with the slogan ‘Free Weezy’. If you want to see for yourself go to

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audio footage from that tragic day. This video follows her getting out of her car and walking down the road taking off her clothes one by one until she is fully naked (yes, really, but before you ask, they pixelate certain parts), when she gets assassinated in the street. You just can’t stop the creative madness of Ms Badu!

past the blatant product place- ment of certain companies, this nine minute video epic will liter- ally entertain your socks off! The video follows the girls on a journey of committing mass murder and going on the run as fugitives, riding into the sunset (think Thelma and Louise as 21st century lovers). And this visually enthralling ride takes you through bizarre costumes (think smoking ciga- rette glasses and Coca Cola can hair-rollers), sexy cho- reographed dance routines, cheesy dialogue, and lots of nods to various aspects of pop and film culture (Quentin Taran- tino would be happy!).

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