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Where to go during the day ??

Ocean Drive for all the Party spots, 15th and 16th Avenue for a little bit of ac- tion. On the two main roads: Washington Avenue and Collins Avenue you can go shopping. Eating is great on Lincoln Avenue (try the Fresh Sushi on the terrace, with a cocktail, on Lincoln Road).

“Great vibes, great people set in a great location”

A Sides


If you are unsigned artist with ambitions to make it in the mu- sic industry you should make MBJ your first port of call. They specialise in working with new and unsigned artists and de- liberately offer some of the most competitive rates in London so that they can work with up n coming artists who often have limited budgets.

MBJ is for anyone who wishes to succeed in the music in- dustry including: musicians, producers, artists, record labels and promoters. They have worked with EMI, BMG, Island, Mercury, Warner and many more underground and independent labels and with art- ists as diverse as Oasis to Busta Rthymes and even Kylie as well as a host of leading names in the Electronic Dance Music and Urban scenes

They offer a wide range of services whether you are just starting out in your career or fully established – they cover diverse genres of music from electronica to house/techno to rock/indie and urban flavours…

Offering their own recording facili- ties with music production, mixing and mastering services. Press, Ra-

dio Plugging and Graphic Design departments. Brand Development, Print, CD, DVD duplication, Music Video Production and Photog- raphy plus a wide

MBJ can commission remixes cov- ering the most relevant genres and mail out to all the movers, shakers and tastemakers of the club and DJ world.

In addition, they can pro-

duce the best suitable video to ac- company the music. A strong press and radio campaign can be created and live perfor- mance bookings can be arranged for maximum exposure prior to the music being simultaneously re- leased to over 500 digital stores.

In cases when MBJ really be- lieve in the artist and their mu- sical direction, MBJ can subsi- dise part of the total cost of a release and campaign as part of a royalty share agreement.

r ange of Legal services. They also

provide bespoke campaigns suited to the individual.

They assess talent and personal- ity and if they like what we see and hear, offer several step by step op- tions on how to move forward.

MBJ will record and produce mu- sic that best represents the artist and can create strong imagery and develop the brand whilst directing as the artist builds a fanbase using proven social network strategies.

They are a collective of approach- able, creative and dynamic music industry professionals with a burn- ing passion for artists, which they feel represent the future of British music.

MBJ can offer a complete service covering all aspects of the industry which are required for the success- ful release of new material.

Check out our website here: www.


Miami is amazing…South Beach is a world away from anything I have expe- rienced before and far away from the all to real and stressful life of normality.

I travelled in the best possible way with British Airways (from Heathrow Airport),

When you get there, as you exit the air conditioned

airport the sun punches you in the face and you feel immediately warm. Warm outside and warm inside. You hit South Beach and the atmosphere lets you know immediately now that you will not be getting much sleep for the foreseeable future! You get to your hotel, have a shower and go out to enjoy your first day in Miami Beach.

Where to stay?? Good question, be careful! Miami is far from the cheapest place in the world! We are big in the game so of course we stayed at The Royal Palm Hotel (15th – Collins Ave)

For the budget conscious traveler, go to the Clay Hotel (14th – Washington Avenue) it’s cheap, the staff are nice, it’s in the center and 5 mins from the beach. Then, for the absolute party animals, people looking for friends and fun… Go to the Jazz Hostels (3rd – Collins Ave) you can bring your own drinks in, great atmosphere, it’s poppin’ day & night, It’s close to Ocean Drive (1st Ave), in front of the beach, with an off licence next door open 24/7. No sleep there, you are sure to be drunk day and night. You will have a lot of fun!!

The Best parties?? The Shelborne Hotel had some crazy pool parties, Nikki Beach is cosy but really fun, with good DJs, Mansion is posh and trash, BED is tiny but the sound is good and everybody enjoys themel- ves in Bed don’t they? :p

The South Seas Hotel pool parties were calm and tropical and the Mojitos are great. The Pacha parties were fun as well. Sorry if I forgot a few but at 3 to 5 parties per night it’s hard to keep a track of them all.

Each of the great parties will cost around $60 at the door. You can get advance tickets with Clubtickets. com, or follow the members of The Guestlist Network and get in the right way :P

VIP Passes are around to be had (my tan is patched because of all the passes that I didn’t get rid of héhé).

REALLY HUNGRY??? Don’t panic, go to Jerry’s open 24/7 (or Five Brothers) and get what- ever you want. I’ve never seen a menu so huge before!

If you are a lucky party animal and you are over there in March, enjoy the Ultra Music Festival . It’s just amazing! The line-up is incredible, amazing tunes dropping

from tents everywhere, there is so much drink, so many people, so many DJs, so many areas… People are really happy, a little bit crazy, you will find some Hoola-Hop addicts, some world-wide party animals, some big company bosses, families with their Chil- dren, and of course… The Guestlist Network!

My advice… book you return flight before you go there or you will never come back. I Love Mi- ami, and if you decide to go over there next year for the WMC, you can be sure that The Guestlist Network will be part of it!!

Go to the beach, get a nice tan and tell your friends when you return “I was in Miami Bitch!”.

Pauline Marcellin xxx

Private View:

Exhibition runs from:

Friday 23 of April 2010 - 6 pm to 11 pm Friday 23th – 29th of April 2010

Gallery Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 11 am - 6.30 pm Last day of Exhibition:

Seven Men in London Town

Jonathan Comerford, Tom Adriani, Jai Llewellyn, Tony Lee, Eric Storey, Julian Ron- nefeldt, Nazir Tanbou

Seven Men in London Town is an exhibition of contemporary printmaking. It is a show by seven male artists who, independently from one another, have discovered a shared obsession with the figure in nightmarish, dystopian and apocalyptic scenarios. Their work harks back to the roots of storytelling as practiced by the shaman: an exploration into what lies in the deep- est reaches of the underworld, brought back into the light of day and revealed to the tribe. By drawing and painting their nightmare visions, the artists expel their own demons, and expose them for dissection. Through art, they make their fears tangible, and possess them, rather than by being possessed by them.

Why London? Because to live in London is to live in an ancient and often mysterious city, a city of strange stories and characters, dark with the shadows of souls long since departed. Seven Men in London Town starts with the idea of London as a meeting point for seven very different personalities, and transforms into an evocation of the city as a Blakean nightmare vision.

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