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Call em a gang, a posse, a crew, call em what you damn well like! But here at The Guestlist Network towers (where everything is about rainbows and lolipops) we dub the Dirty Birds the Dirty Bird Fam. Over the past 5 years the label has produced regular streams of hits, built their own special parties and remained the number one for pure original- ity of their unique sound. Anyway! To celebrate they have released a 5 years of compilation comprising of three discs past, present and future. We asked them to answer a few questions about the past, the present and the future... oh and what they like on toast.

“Peanut butter jelly time!”

First of all would you describe The Dirty Bird crew as a little family?

Tanner Ross: Totally. From my experi- ence, the family vibe extends out to the people who come to the parties as well.

Christian Martin: Definitely! We are con- stantly pushing each other forward and supporting each other, yet no one can resist the opportunity to talk some mad shit. There’s never a dull moment in these parts.

JPlip: I had Christmas dinner at the Crenshaw’s because I couldn’t make it home - now that was a riot!

So who’s the mummy and daddy?

Christian Martin: I would say that Barclay and his wife Aundy fit that role – their ad- vice is not always easy but they are right 99% of the time. (I’m sure they’ll never let me forget that statement.

Worthy: I guess Claude would be the daddy, and probably Christian the mum- my.


Justin Martin: Hmm… that’s a hard one … I could say that Claude is the papa calling all the shots and I am the momma looking out for the little ones, but that would sug- gest me and Claude had sex and I gave birth... and that’s just ridiculous.

Claude Vonstroke: The guys will say i’m the daddy...the oldest, the owner, etc. - but I sure do feel like the mom some- times. “get yer track done or there’s no dinner!”

Over the past 5 years what would you say has been the best Dirtybird mo- ment for yourselves and the label?

JPhlip: There are way too many amazing moments to count, and I will never forget any of them! But one that always stands out for me is the moment at WMC 2008 when Barclay played my track at the Dirtybird party and afterwards asked to sign it. I had been a homegirl and guest dj for them for a few years - but it was the most wonderful feeling in the world to hear them all say “you’re officially part of the crew now!!!!!!” And that was the moment Dirtybird bootcamp started… we don’t wanna get into that...

Claude Vonstroke: Moments from the park parties or the old shine parties when someone really surprised me with a new track. Almost everyone has done it too which is really cool. I also really enjoyed our recent Fabric night. it was good to see us all in room 1 killing it.

Tanner Ross: The best moment for me was the first time I went to San Fran and got to go to my first Dirtybird party. I

would also put that up there with the top 4 moments of my life.

...and what about the worst?

Tanner Ross: The hangover the next day. Worthy: Calling off a park party because of rain

Claude Vonstroke: 2009 WMC Miami party without question. Still gives me a nervous twitch.

Are you shocked by the levels of suc- cess that you and the label have had in what is a relatively short amount of time?

Justin Martin: I wouldn’t say shocked is the right word... elated? Definitely! But when you put 5 incredibly creative and hard working heads together noth- ing is really that shocking. we all dream big and work hard to make them dreams come true.

Worthy: I am a little shocked at the suc- cess. Especially when I look back to the first park parties where there were only 50 people in the park with us. I knew in the back of my head that something amazing was going to happen though since we are all so passionate about our music. Always trying to one up each other.

Where do you see yourselves in 30 years time?

Christian Martin: In a villa somewhere in Southern Europe, hanging out with fam- ily and friends, about to eat a gigantic meal and listen to old-tymey house music from 2010.

JPhlip: At 56??? I don’t think that far ahead - but I do know that the music will keep us young. Actually by then I prob- ably will have died of laughter and willed all my bling and riches and subwoofers and records away to all my friends.

Claude Vonstroke: Sipping a drink on my porch somewhere in the Bay area. My kids will all be in rock bands or scientists by then.

Best track on the compilation?

Tannar Ross: Duckface!!! The reaction to that track has been phenomenal so far.

JPhlip: Its a tie between The Martin Brothers - DuckFace and Kink - Elevator.

Justin Martin: Would have to say ‘stoopit’ because it was the birth of a new era of sound for me.

Whats your favorite toast topping?

Tanner Ross: Butter?

JPhlip: PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY YOOOO!!!!! With a baseball bat. Christian Martin: Butter and a bit of cin- namon and sugar.

Worthy: Chicken Tetrazzini for me… Justin Martin: Peanut butter jelly time!

Claude Vonstroke: My manager’s Apricot Ginger marmalade.

Jess Phlip Top 5 Tracks

1. The Martin Brothers - Duckface 2. Kink - Elevator 3. DJ Slugo - Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Hoe Too 4. No Regular Play - Owe Me (Deniz Kurtel Remix) 5. Claude VonStroke feat. Bootsy Collins - Greasy Beat (J.Phlip Remix) Page 1  |  Page 2  |  Page 3  |  Page 4  |  Page 5  |  Page 6  |  Page 7  |  Page 8  |  Page 9  |  Page 10  |  Page 11  |  Page 12  |  Page 13  |  Page 14  |  Page 15  |  Page 16  |  Page 17  |  Page 18  |  Page 19  |  Page 20  |  Page 21  |  Page 22  |  Page 23  |  Page 24  |  Page 25  |  Page 26  |  Page 27  |  Page 28  |  Page 29  |  Page 30  |  Page 31  |  Page 32  |  Page 33  |  Page 34  |  Page 35  |  Page 36  |  Page 37  |  Page 38  |  Page 39  |  Page 40
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