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Diary of a Club Promoter


“What is your favourite club?”

I regularly get asked, this is an impossible question to answer most of the time, it’s like asking a girl what her fa- vourite pair of shoes is, they have one for every occasion.

I have been to every “high- end” nightclub in London and every club has something special which sets it apart from the rest. My current favourite haunt is Aura (49 St James Street) which has recently undergone a dra- matic refurb and although it could have done with chang-

ing the name it delivers the most consistent crowd, at- mosphere and I know I can go there any day of the week and be in for a good time!! It also serves amazing food. Surprisingly Sundays at Aura is one of the busiest nights!

I am currently nursing a 3rd degree burn to my finger thanks to Aura incidentally which I got from holding a champagne sparkler upside down from my birthday party last week! For those of you who don’t know, when some- body buys bottled spirits or

champagne at a club like Aura, as part of the service you are greeted by a skimp- ily dressed waitress deliv- ering your bottle attached with indoor sparklers! The whole point of this as far as I can see is so the rest of the club know exactly how much money you are spending and to show off basically!! but it is good fun at the time and I have been known to embark on a “most sparkler wins” war with a table the other side of the club. At certain clubs such as Mov- ida they will actually shut

all the lights off and put the superman theme song on, whilst a team of waitresses bring you whatever you like if you spend enough money!

Bottles of champagne range from a “measly” £120 right through to a 30k Methuselah of Cristal which Amika sell in their champagne room! Not only that but most clubs in- clude a compulsory 15% ser- vice charge on the bill which can really help rack up the spend.

As a promoter, one the perks

is that you are entitled to drink for free in return for bringing guests to the ven- ue, on an average night we would expect to receive 2 x magnums (1.5L) of premium vodka and mixers and on a good night 4-5x magnums of vodka and champagne.

This month I have been asked to judge the “Miss Mayfair” modelling competition held at the Mayfair club every Sat- urday for the next month so I have been busy practising my best Simon Cowbell lines in the mirror and I was having

a good chat with David Haye at Amika who can regularly be seen at our events with his minders?! Which I can’t understand...!!

Tonight, I am off to Simon Webb’s birthday party, part 2 (one birthday party is never enough these days) where I am told Jordan’s Alex Reid will be coming down, it will be interesting to meet him and I will let you know what I thought next month!

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