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I am usually rather dubious about gadgets and devices, at some point or another I have had them all. I can’t even be bothered with my fancy pants grinder anymore, but I am still a sucker for a good vapouriser, and if Cypress Hill rave about it then it must be good.

It´s small, well designed and conveintly looks like a mobile phone. The best thing about it is it actually works, however once it is in your hand you won´t be able to put it down (literally).

I tested this out for hours and got some fantastic results, and because its gas powered you can enjoy your favourite selections wherever you are. True smokeless freedom. This vapouriser was easy to use and it heats up faster than your electric hob, which for me was an added bonus.

All in all I liked this product.

We generally get to test all of the products in our pages, and when asked to review this product, we approached it with the same professional manner we always use.

iolite it !

For too long now has one of mans most beneficial medicines (men- tally and physically) name had been tarred and blackened by, well, tar and black stuff. But thanks to for- ward thinking scientists the shame can finally be lifted off our loverly friend, herb.


Last year they sponsored a massive party at the PlayBoy mansion where (unsurprisingly) the handy gizmos went down a bomb with the likes of Cypress Hill, The Dandy War- hols and of course the king himself, Hugh Hefner. This year the guys are gonna blow the top of the mansion again (get it, blow, heehee) but fear not you don’t have to be a bunny or p.i.m.p to get your hands on one of these, just go on their webs ite

or enter our comp. And heck,

they’re so good for you, you could go splits on one with mum and dad, sure they’d be well up for it!

Vaporisors have enabled us to smoke herb in the the healthiest way possible; elliminating tar and signifi- cantly reducing noxious gas. However, until now vaporis- ers have been huge big bulky things that we couldn’t get our heads round and quite simply didn’t look too hot.

But fear not my friends! iolite have swiftly saved the day and created a hand held jobby that is speedy, economical and looks a bit like some cool new super gadget from Star Trek.

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