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So, still pondering where to go this summer? We are con- stantly bombarded with ad- vertising images, billboards and magazines, tempting us to venture to every corner of the globe, we have so much choice, but what if we don’t want too much mainstream, or we might want to impress our friends on our return with secret little finds. Sure, we can do Peru, Africa and The Amazon - all wonderful and for many, life changing ex- periences, however if you’d prefer to stay closer to home and you don’t have too much free time, where do you go?

1. Avoid the usual holiday bro- chures 2 Steer clear of all inclusive pack- ages 3 As the sheep turn left, you turn right. 4 Become inspired - here in cos- mopolitan London. 5 Forget all of the above because I’ve done it for you


Hang out in Chiado, close to fash- ionable Bairro Alto, very louche and

boho with a great creative vibe.

Lisbon is west Europe and northern African charm, old world charisma meets hip cosmopolitan. Visit nearby Cascais, very pretty and picturesque, once an old fishing port, it became a summer-dwelling artistic community in the 30’s. Dramatic Boca do inferno ( mouth of hell) is just out of town, eat at one of the su-


A million miles away from the highly ostentatious Marbella, but in fact less than 2 hours by car. Tarifa is a kind of moorish, low key Miami beach vibe, go there for bare- foot chic, listen to guys playing their guitars and the girls swaying to the spectacular sunsets. Situated at the southernmost tip of the Span- ish peninsular, this little magnet at- tracts zillions of kite surfers, wind surfers, beach lovers and roman- tics. Great music scene too. Check

out gorgeous beach view chalets from £298 per week. Fly to Malaga with easyjet. com from £26.99

perb seafood restaurants and watch the Atlantic fiercely pounding at the rock forma- tions.

Stay at, modernist hotel, doubles from 75 euros Fly to Lisbon with from £33.99


Former Capitol of Greece, Naf- plion is small, sophisticated and very popular with Athenian’s but it’s very farremoved from being a tourist resort. The architecture is Venetian and Turkish. A short car ride away lies Myceneae and Epi- davros which are some of the most beautiful archaeological site’s in all of Greece. For the most wonderful beach, head off to Tolon, around 30 mins drive, it’s a small resort that has become quite bustling, I remember with great fondness arriving back

to my

Bigger, Better, Berlin

PLUS Hostels have been one of Europe’s

number one hos-

tel chains over the past 6 years. Already having luxury hostels in Prague, Florence, Rome and Venice-PLUS are about to open a brand new luxury hostel in Berlin.

The hostel in Berlin will be custom built for backpackers like all PLUS proper- ties and will boast awesome facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, spacious private outdoor courtyard, sauna, excersize and fitness area, bar, restaurant/café, wifi and laundry facili- ties.

The hostel will contain a variety of room types to suit everyone from 6 bed dorm rooms for the everyday run- of-the-mill backpacker to apartment style rooms with cooking facilities for those couples on a weekend getaway.


Location! Location! Location! PLUS Berlin is situated in Friedrichshain, around the corner from the East Gal- lery, the largest remaining part of the old Berlin Wall. 100 metres further along the river Spree you will be able to find the “space age” looking 02 World that is Berlin’s number spot for concerts from the world’s hottest bands. The nightlife is at your finger- tips with one of Berlin’s largest clubs down the street as well as one of the city’s largest gay and lesbian night club across the road. Getting to and from the hostel is easy with S-Bahn, U-Bahn and tram stops within a very short walk.

For all information and booking enquiries go to


family run hotel in the early hours and swimming in the idyllic crystal clear water. Around 3 hours drive

from Athens. Waterfront apart- ment’s on superb little cove from an incredible £37 per night. holi- Fly to Athens with easy jet from £70.99


The island of the midnight sun, lying close to the Arctic circle, Iceland is the second largest island in Europe with some of the most admirable scenery, hugely dramatic and ac- tually quite reasonably priced now due to last years collapse of the Icelandic bank. The locals are also quite admirable with cheek- bones you could sculpt glaciers with, tall and blonde and with an air of detach- ment, that is until they knock back the vodka’s, great nightlife too. Don’t miss a swim in the blue lagoon, close to the capitol Reykjavik, it’s blissfully relaxing and backdropped with a spectacular volcanic landscape.

Modernist apartment in the heart of Reykjavik from £390 per week Fly to Reykja- vik with from £75


Berlin has become this rather un- usual juxtaposition of old and new with a liberating outlaw-ish feel. Of- ten compared to Paris in the 30’s, gentrification hasn’t yet spoiled the vibe. Spend some time in Prenzlau- erberg, very arty and industrial with some great watering holes. Berlin attracts many writers and mu- sicians because of the city’s lais- sez faire atmosphere, Christopher Isherwood ( creator of the master- piece novel and now film, A Single

Man) lived

here in the burlesque cabaret era.

Stay at Art Hotel Luise in up and coming Mitte from £42 per night Fly to Berlin with from £32.99


Traditionally know as the land of the midday sun, Calabria is situated at the toe of Italy,heavily steeped in tradition, just venture inland and find villages and hamlets untouched by the present century. Grecophiles will be particularly enamoured as it’s history dates back to The Magna Graecia. Calabria boasts over 800 kilometres of coastline with some of the

most pristine

unspoilt beaches and coves, many of them only ac- cessible by boat. Diverse gas- tronomy based on eggplant, almonds, figs and spicy chilli peppers. Stay

Capo Vaticano from 40 euro’s per

night. Fly com £45

at in

to Naples with easyjet.


Ok, I couldn’t leave the white is- land out, but why not discover the delights of the little known parts of the island? Zucla and Xarraca are two of the most divine little coves situated at the north east of the island, visit gorgeous towns such as Santa Agnes and San Joan, and when you feel the pull to dance and be very hedonistic at some of the best clubs in the world, just jump in a cab and a mere 25 mins away you’ll be in another world. Stay at near Portinax from £ 572 per week

Fly to Ibiza with from

£47. Next month I’ll be featuring some of the best holiday deals around.


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