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Lostprophets Exclusive

They’ve won a couple of armfuls of awards from NME, Kerrang!, and Pop Factory along the years including Best Single, Best Album, Best Britsih Band and of course Best Welsh Band. After just getting back from the Australian leg (check out their video blog for moshpitting, koala groping antics) of their chocca tour schedule our very own rockstar Marc Burford cuaght up with the guys from Pontypridd South Wales and chatted music and stuff.

Marc and Dan

Dan: So does friendship always come first with the band?

Ian: Yeah definitely. All the bands that are like family are the ones that are still going, U2, Metallica, The Rolling Stones.

Dan: Have you ever had any massive blow outs and thought ‘that’s it, I’m done’?

“No, we have arguments all the time but we never think “that’s it.” This is what we all want to do and have put our entire lives into”

D: Do you feel like you’ve managed to keep your feet on the ground all this time, do you still know the price of a pint of milk?

“My mother still gets the milk delivered, but the amount of milk our house goes through is insane. We buy it in vats... well 2 litre jugs”

to dumb myself down, I take it that people have the intel- ligence to handle a conversa- tion without getting offended or take it the wrong way”

D: Do you find it harder in America because your sense of humour is so dry?

“Oh yeah, I don’t even bother in America. No one ever gets it there”

M: You used to be straight edge, what made you stop?

“It did everything for me

my defences had become my own restrictions, the barriers you put up to protect yourself have become the cage that keep you in. I realised there was no need for those bar- riers because I’d reached a point where I was old enough and mature enough to chose what to do, and to be able to handle it.”

D: Did you find being straight edge when you were younger gave you more drive to suc- ceed?

up did you fancy any of your friends mums?

[long pause] “No, I don’t think so um... no. Older sister’s yeah, but no mums”

M: Tell me about the new video for “For He’s a Jolly Good Fel- on”.

“I’m not a cock, I don’t love my- self and I’m not up myself.”

Marc: Tell us something that would shock us about you.

“I’m not a cock, I don’t love myself and I’m not up myself. I think that’s the general con- sensus with me. The way my sense of humour comes off a lot of people don’t know how to take it. I’m not being offen- sive; people just don’t know how to take it. I’m not going

when I was a kid. I wanted to do something with my life rather than getting smashed all the time. Then that kinda just became how I was. It wasn’t so much “I’m gonna be straight edge”, it was just I didn’t do anything. Then a few years ago I wanted to get into a different mindset for this record and I was read- ing loads about the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix and how they were experimenting. I thought “wait I can’t do that” but then the minute I thought that I realised these rules are set by me. It was kinda like

“Yeah, definitely. It’s hard to say whether I would have had it anyway. But yeah, without a doubt”

M: What kind of things moti- vate you now?

“I want to get my mother a house. I’m enjoying myself; I’m living for the experience. You can’t take anything with you when you’re gone so en- joy every day. But I also want to take care of my family. My dad died when I was younger so my mother raised me, so it would be nice to take care of her”

D: When you were growing

“We shot it in one of the roughest areas in Manchester what’s weird is that it was al- most exactly like where we grew up, on a really rough es- tate. We had that kinda vibe growing up. We shot it with Brick Top from Snatch and filmed loads of dialog, kind of a narrative. The one that’s on TV is kin-

da like a trailer for the movie. We’re gonna do a 10-15 min- ute short film that we’re gon- na release with the single”

D: Are you really hands on with the band?

“Yeah, I’ve edited the short video and after I’ve done all the press today and tomor- row I’m gonna go in and edit the long one”

M: Where do you see yourself in the future?

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