in these competitions and thanks to William Reed for keeping these competitions going. They are certainly still amongst the most prestigious competitions for butchers. (See pages 16 & 17 for full write up). Still in November and

Sue Hayman

ourselves took part. Our abattoir was

featured and showed an interview with our Official Veterinarian regarding Brexit. The FSA and meat industry official control provider Eville & Jones had asked us to help by hosting the interview and I was pleased that it reflected a balanced view without causing undue alarm to consumers. Unfortunately, the down side from media involvement can be the disruption to your everyday business. Always something to consider when deciding whether to take part. Still on media issues and

I hope some of our London members may have heard me recently on LBC defending our trade from attacks involving vegetarianism, climate change lobby and comparisons with goat trophy hunters! Into November and we

saw two of the biggest events in the butchery calendar with Butchers Shop of the Year and the Champion of Champions sausage competition. Well done to all those members involved

myself and Policy Director William Lloyd Williams attended a conference on the subject of ‘on farm and local slaughter’ at St Georges House Windsor where we put forward the case for small abattoirs. Also in November,

I attended the Scottish Federation’s AGM and centenary celebrations which took place in Glasgow. There is a very special relationship between National Craft Butchers and the Scottish Federation - we are always in touch with each other particularly with regard to FSA and FSSA matters and I feel honoured to have been invited along with my wife Tania to their celebration of 100 years serving their members. As a result of a clash of

dates with the Scottish event I hope Yorkshire members will forgive me for not being able to attend the CYBC dinner dance and product competition this year. Another successful event largely thanks to Terry McEvoy and Mike Ward. To round off this, the

last President’s blog of 2018 I would like to wish all members a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! n




Pictured leſt to right Carol, George, Dr Shankar and Mary You may recall last

November, following dissolution of the Ladies Section, President Mary Debman joined by secretary Carol and son George made a final trip to University College London (UCL) Hospitals. Te purpose of the visit was to hand over the last of the monies raised, with Mary’s fundraising activities, totalling £4.5k to Dr Shankar. Mary has since received

a letter of thanks from a physiotherapist working at the UCLH Teenage Cancer Unit at the Macmillan Cancer Centre in which she advises how the monies have been spent. “Your kind donation

John Mettrick presents the giſt of a quaich to Scottish Craſt Butchers President Scott Jarron on the occasion of the SFMTA’s centenary

via Dr Shankar has helped us fund our new Unicam Bike on the UCLH Teenage Cancer Unit. We received the bike a few weeks ago and have already

seen the great benefits it provides our patients. Te bike has already proven to be extremely versatile and I have used it with a number of patients with different needs. As well as rehab, following surgery, the bike has been useful in motivating patients who want to get back into exercise aſter their cancer treatment and provides a fun distraction during long days waiting for treatments on the TCT Unit”. Not surprising, although

no longer raising funds on behalf of the Ladies Section Mary is still fundraising for the Unit. Tis year alone she has already raised £1289.00 and still has her Christmas cake sale and home-made marmalade for January on the agenda. So, the good work goes

on and we say well done Mary! n

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