and I hope you will agree with me that our membership fees represent good value. Also, on the agenda at the

Tom Martin Well the past month has

seen much activity with UK Sausage Week, Halloween and Bonfire night. Many congratulations to

members who won regional titles at the UK Sausage Week awards, run by Meat Management, especially Frank Parker for winning the overall title. Great to see Chris Evans featuring Sausage

Christmas brochure while they are in the shop! Tis is always a busy time

of year for us in our abattoir with lots of private kill and cut.

We recently had pigs which

had been fed on all sorts from bread to waste ice cream which saw some weighing up to 150kg. Tese proved quite a challenge for me in helping

meet our new Executive members, Richard Douglas, Tony Luckhurst and Craig Tomas and also to welcome Yorkshire President Tom Martin who was attending on behalf of CYBC members. I started the meeting by

providing an update on the campaign for local abattoirs. Along with colleagues from the Sustainable Food Trust I had attended a meeting with the chair of the FSA Board, Heather Hancock. Tis meeting was useful, and I am pleased to say that the National Craſt Butchers’ position paper on small abattoirs was well received. Te Exec then went on

Tony Luckhurst

Week yet again - super publicity for everyone selling sausages. Many butchers are selling

an incredible variety of sausages with BOGOF offers, buy a pound get 6 free and I notice Stuart Higginson is even giving away a year’s supply. Sausage Week is always a great way to remind former customers that you are still around by enticing them back with a sausage offer. Tey might even pick up a

Richard Douglas

to butcher when my brother wasn’t well - I think he saw them coming. Some butchers would say they’re too fat, with others calling them rare breed and some referring to them as home fed. Personally, I think the latter is the kindest term. Anyway, whatever they are I’m just glad I don’t have to butcher them every week and they belong to someone else. Looking back to our

October Executive Council meeting and it was nice to

to discuss subscriptions for 2019, and it was decided that we would apply a modest increase just to cover overheads as we did back in 2017. No increase was applied to 2018 subscriptions, but this did result in our having to dip into reserves to balance the books. NCB staff, partners and Exec members work very hard to deliver value for money to the membership

Heather Hancock

who has provided tremendous support to the campaign for local abattoirs and asked Michael Gove a question in the House on our behalf. Sue Hayman is a Cumbrian MP and is sympathetic to the small abattoir situation. We had discussions about the Agriculture Bill and how we could reference small abattoirs and emphasise their importance in the supply of local meat. Hence the Sustainable Food Trust have produced a briefing paper to MPs. I would urge you to send letters to your MP in support of the campaign (see article on page 13). Some of you may have

Craig Tomas

seen the recent Tonight programme on ITV in which, although unnamed, Exec member Shaun Vining of Complete Meats and

October meeting was the age limit at which Exec members currently step down from the board. We don’t want Exec members obliged to retire from the board if they and their local area members don’t want them to. Your thoughts would be appreciated on this as it will be on the agenda for our January 2019 meeting. Unfortunately, I had to

leave the Exec meeting early that day as I had been invited to meet Sue Hayman MP, the shadow DEFRA secretary. Tis meeting was facilitated by my local MP Ruth George

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