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CUTTING PLANT REVIEW Te long-awaited review

Te review completely

was published by the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland last month. Recommendations covered: • greater involvement from industry to help produce clearer guidance • increased focus on skills across industry • greater data transparency and sharing across industry and with the regulators • more effective use of data by regulatory authorities • improved regulatory co- ordination and consistency • trialing different methods of delivering official controls • introduction of CCTV at critical points

avoided tackling the subject of the 10 - day limit for vacuum packed food, which was one of the main causes of the various recalls earlier in the year. Instead this subject will be dealt with by FSA scientists and advisory bodies. Tere was no

acknowledgment that raw meat processing is a low risk operation. National Craſt

Butchers welcomed the recommendation that industry should be more involved in producing guidance which should help to avoid future gold-plating. We will point out however that it was the Agency


A UK-wide outbreak of

Salmonella Typhimurium started in July 2017 and has infected 276 people and caused one death. It has been linked to warm meat.

The exact source is still

unknown, but investigations are centred on just a handful of farms and, it is believed, just one abattoir. A high proportion of cases are linked to the consumption of lamb and mutton.


SIZZLED IN THE HEAT Our old favourites burgers

and bangers were the winners of this year’s barbecue season, with burgers making an appearance at almost 40 per cent of all barbecue occasions. Both barbecue classics saw

the highest growth in sales value since last summer, with fresh burgers up 14.4 per cent and sausages up 5.1 per cent. Tat’s according to the latest

piece of research from AHDB It also showed that the

heatwave and England’s successful performance at the World Cup got us barbecuing a whopping 35 per cent more than last year, primarily taking

place at the weekend. We also loosened our purse

strings, increasing our total spend by seven per cent, but while the outlook for red meat looks good in the world of barbecues, these occasions only make up 0.4 per cent of total meals. AHDB Analyst Amy

Smallwood, author of the report, said: “When it comes to innovation, it is important to focus beyond barbecue occasions as it makes up only a small percentage of total meal occasions. And, of course, British barbecue weather is far from guaranteed.

The FSA and other

authorities have introduced movement restrictions and additional controls at farms and abattoirs and were quick to reassure the public that meat is safe if handled and cooked properly. n

“But there are a number of

things that we can learn from this year’s barbecue season sales in terms of tapping into trends of quicker preparation times, easier preparation methods and lighter eating. “Applying that focus to

snacking and cold meals/ picnic/assembly type-meals gives scope to unlock growth. Added value meat products, such as marinades and sous vide continue to do well and this is another area to develop further, with flavours and cuisines that will appeal outside of the barbecue occasion.” View the full report at heatwave-of-summer-2018 n

William Lloyd Williams MBE The campaign

continues with more talks planned soon with senior government officials. President John Mettrick and Policy Director William Lloyd Williams MBE recently participated in a two-day debate at the highly influential St Georges House, Windsor Castle. John Mettrick has also been booked to speak at the Oxford Real Farming Conference in early January. n


themselves that gradually eroded industry involvement in the first place. Te recommendation

to increase focus on skills includes a suggestion that operators should have a level 4 qualification. NCB will oppose this suggestion strongly and point out that this will discriminate against lower throughput plants. We asked Paul Bache, who

was awarded an MBE for his expertise in meat HACCP training, for his opinion on the training requirement suggestion. Paul Replied: “To suggest this level of training is ludicrous, talk about a sledgehammer to crack a nut”. n


John Mettrick As the Agriculture Bill

makes its way through Parliament the Campaign for Local Abattoirs (CFLA) have issued a parliamentary briefing. The briefing calls on MPs

and Peers to halt the decline in the local meat sector and points out that local abattoirs are vital for craft butchers as well as specialist and local meat producers.

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