Most of the information

(leſt) has been taken from our Assured Advice issued as part of Primary Authority. Te advice is available to

all members in the Members Area of the National Craſt Butchers website at www. nationalcraſ Have a look now! To get full benefit from

Primary Authority you will need to specially register to join the scheme. Tis is very straight forward and is completely free. Contact me today to find out

more or just tell us you want “in” and we’ll get you started. n


Assured advice on food safety & hygiene law under: The UK Government Primary Authority Scheme

Enforcement Authorities must give full consideration to this advice when inspecting businesses.

Businesses can rely on this assured advice. It is government approved.

Local Authorities must liase with Horsham District Council The Primary Authority in the event of disagreement. (Business Operators in the scheme should contact NCB)


LABELLING PROBLEMS SOLVED Keeping tabs on use-by

dates and operating good stock control for loose foods in a butcher’s shop is always a bit of a nightmare. It is oſten difficult to

show EHOs that you are in control if you cannot show documented evidence. Oſten, they also want you to prove when products were cooked, defrosted or first frozen etc, etc, etc. I love simple, economic

and practical solutions to tricky problems. I was therefore very interested to learn about a new hand labelling machine that could help solve most of these issues. Craig Tomas, well known

butcher from Wolverhampton and Exec member, has recently helped to design the “Judo MK2” manufactured by Sato. Te new hand gun provides a double row of printing as per the graphic (right). Te top row has

headings for just about everything you can think of and the subsequent rows of characters can provide dates, times and price information. Tere are also enough characters to include a simple batch code reference. Craig reckons the machine

saves him 20-30 minutes a day and allows different applications and options from

one machine. John Taylor from Coventry, who has been successfully testing a prototype of the machine, agrees that the machine is very easy to use and portrays a more professional image on product packs. Sato are currently offering

an introductory deal to NCB members. Check out their ad on this page. n

Introducing the new Judo MK2 Hand Labeller Designed by Butchers for Butchers

Offering two lines of machine print:

Top line has the op�on of 13 different headings, including ‘Use-by’, ‘Opened’ or ‘Manu date’ Bo�om line provides op�ons for date, �me and batch code

Introductory offer: For a 6 month period NCB members can purchase the new Judo MK2 hand labeller for £34.99 plus VAT, offer includes 4 reels of plain white freezer adhesive labels. RRP £59.99, offering NCB members a saving of £25.00.

Special prices also available on consumables - addi�onal labels and ink rollers.

Please contact: SATO UK Ltd, Tel: 01255 240000, Email:


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