Give a huge welcome to Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce

CHAMBERS of Commerce are modern, dynamic, and vibrant champions of business communities all across the UK. Together they are the voice of Britain’s civic businesses, helping companies, places, and people to achieve their full potential.

The COVENTRY & WARWICKSHIRE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (C&WCC), which has been championing businesses since 1903, will be exhibiting on indoor Stand 5.

Chris Nagle, C&WCC Events & Marketing Manager, knows precisely what their focus will be.

Chris said: “We recognise business has a huge impact on the environment, and businesses have a responsibility to manage their waste and recycling in a responsible manner.

Engaging with businesses

“We are looking forward to engaging with businesses in the waste recycling sector, and understand how the Chamber can support businesses in this sector.”

Warwickshire was recently reported to be ‘the place to do business,’ with the county seeing the fastest growing economy in the UK. The Chamber represents businesses in this dynamic, and is a key player around Warwickshire.

Chris added: “Over 40 million people live within a two-hour drive of Warwickshire, and with WASTE’18 choosing a central location it highlights the connectivity of our region, the ease of access, and showcases the array of benefi ts to bringing large scale events to this area.”

The Chamber of Commerce off ers a wide range of benefi ts and services to enable businesses to survive, thrive and grow.

From sole traders to multi-nationals, the Chamber champions a positive UK business environment. They also have expertise in International Trade, for those looking to export their products and services.

THE BRITISH AUTOMATIC FIRE SPRINKLER ASSOCIATION (BAFSA) is the UK’s leading professional trade association for the fi re sprinkler industry.

The long-established organisation celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014, and will be exhibiting at WASTE ’18 on Stand 16 at the Warwickshire Event Centre (WEC) in Leamington Spa on July 5.

BAFSA’s members install more than 85% of the sprinkler and watermist installations in the UK.

This also includes a signifi cant majority of third-party certifi ed sprinkler installers as well as manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, insurers, the fi re and rescue services, and others with an interest in the fi eld.

Increasingly the association has off ered a home to smaller companies just entering the market, and also represents a large number of companies off ering the installation of domestic and residential fi re sprinkler systems.

Many of the association’s members also design and install watermist systems.

BAFSA is dedicated to making sure sprinkler systems are installed to the highest professional standards.

BAFSA’s primary objectives include providing authoritative information on the benefi ts of sprinkler systems, and how sprinklers can play a signifi cant role in saving lives and properties from the devastating eff ects of fi re.

BAFSA works closely with the government, fi re and rescue service, building control offi cers, insurers, architects and town planners.

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Look out for ClearWheels:

innovation and delivery CLEARWHEELS, an innovative wheel and tyre specialist company, will be exhibiting on Stand 2 to reach out to a wider audience and create new and exciting business propositions.

ClearWheels provide a safe, quick and cost-saving solution to removing trapped debris from between twin wheels.

ClearWheels is a device designed to solve costly and inconvenient nationwide issues and allow drivers to quickly and safely remove trapped debris between HGV wheels.

It is a tyre issue common for HGVs working off -road and on unfi nished surfaces. Company director, Rachelle Mason spoke about what the company expect from WASTE’18.

She said: “Our Company has a nationwide client base, so doing a show outside the northwest can only help us build further.”

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