WASTE RECYCLING NIEA reveals illegal fl y-tipping costs

THE illegal dumping of waste is the biggest environmental concern for households in Northern Ireland, according to the latest statistics from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

The agency also revealed that in the last two years it has cleaned- up 306 illegal waste sites, with taxpayers footing the £0.5m. bill – the equivalent to employing 15 nurses.

Derek Williamson, NIEA’s Head of Enforcement, said: “Fly-tipping is a crime and a grotesque blight on our landscape. In the last two years, NIEA alone, have cleaned-up 306 sites across Northern Ireland at a cost to the taxpayer of over £0.5million.

“That amount would be signifi cantly higher if we factored in the amount of money each council spends on clean-ups.

“These illegal dumpers are damaging our landscape and turning some of our most precious beauty spots, in cities, towns and the countryside into rubbish tips.

“It is not an issue we can simply prosecute our way out of. We must inform, educate and motivate people to change their behaviour. To have respect and concern for their prized- landscape and environment - for their own communities, neighbours and our economy.

“We will not hesitate to prosecute when we have enough evidence, but we also need people to get on-board with us to fi ght the fl y-tippers. So, we have started a campaign to raise awareness

of the issue and to explain that everyone has a responsibility when it comes to how their own rubbish is disposed of.”

Dr Ian Humphreys from Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, said: “Thankfully, most people dispose of their rubbish correctly, however, a small number of selfi sh people are placing a signifi cant burden on our environment and economy.

“We are keen to work with NIEA and local councils to help tackle this problem, and develop tangible community pride so that people love where they live and feel responsible for the landscape around them.

“A high quality environment is something we all benefi t from and all organisations, big and small, have an important role to play in helping us all achieve it.”

Forza PR Equipment: sole UK distributor of Italian hydraulic equipment manufacturer Rozzi

ROTHERHAM-BASED PR Equipment are the sole UK supplier of leading manufacturer of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic equipment, Rozzi.

PR Equipment have worked in the handling-equipment industry for over 30 years, and built up a wealth of knowledge to off er an excellent service.

As well as supplying an extensive full range of Rozzi products, the South Yorkshire family-run firm also supply new and second-hand parts for other manufacturers including Baldwin Filters, Terex Fuchs, Liebherr, Sennebogen, and Deutz.

PR Equipment Director, Paul Redfern said: “I’ve been involved in servicing and repairs for machinery in the scrap and waste industry for some 32 years, but mainly now concentrate on

the grab side of the market and workshop repairs.

“Our best-selling grabs are the fi ve-tonne scrap/waste grabs, starting at 120-litre up to 2000-litre-plus capacity.”

The Rozzi range of Rozzi hydraulic grabs includes scrap grabs, demolition grabs, clam shell grabs, digging grabs, log grabs and electro hydraulic grabs.

Paul added: “Whether a customer is carrying out a large scale demolition project, or a groundwork company needs vital handling equipment, being able to supply bespoke products means we can accommodate any customer requirement, while complying to the highest standards.

“Should you need us for a grab part, a service or a grab repair, we off er full support and an excellent after-sales service you can rely on, so you can get back to business as soon as possible.”

PR Equipment became Rozzi’s UK sole distributor in 2005 when the then Rozzi agent JSG Machinery closed down. Former JSG director Neil Redfern - along with brother Paul - then took the reigns and PR Equipment became sole UK Rozzi distributor.

32 SHWM July, 2018

Paul concluded: “Sadly, my brother Neil passed away and since the business has continued with myself and my son.”

With over 300 products which can be adapted if necessary to suit customers needs, PR Equipment have a large customer base with a lot of business from repeat customers.

Although PR Equipment’s main market is the waste recycling sector, the company also supply to the rail industries, waterways, and off shore.

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