Move over Phil Mitchell, this month’s mean and moody Skip Hunk is set to steal the limelight. Meet laugh a day Dave Anderson!

Hi Dave! Looking less than delighted to be here mate. Never mind, what age are you and where do you work?

I’m 55 and I work at Enterprise Waste Management as Business Development Manager.

We can tell you just LOVE it! How long you been there?

Just one month. My job is to generate new business and create awareness of the company throughout the South of England.

Ahh the sunny south. And what do you like so far? The people within the company. And what bits don’t you like? The paperwork.

Not our favourite either. Must be some fun stuff though… what’s the funniest – or most embarrassing - thing that’s happened?

I fell off a roof at home at the weekend, so on my fi rst day I had to be rushed to hospital to have scans.

No wonder you’re struggling to crack a smile for us. What do you like to do when work is over?

Scripting for movies.

Genuinely not sure if that’s code for something else. But we’ll take it at face value, and hope for the best. You look like there’s a crazy bad boy undercurrent going on there – anything you want to share?

I’ve been in Eastenders.

We can see you have a bit of a Phil Mitchell vibe going on there! The ladies must be beating a path to your door. Where’s your ideal romantic night out?

Anywhere, as long as she pays.

That’s either violins we hear in the background or the sound of a million hearts breaking. Onwards – what’s your superhero power?

I’d be Superman, so I had a six pack.

We kind of hoped there was one lurking under that tin fl ute anyway. Darn. Theme tune?

Biggie Smalls – Juicy – Because I’m juicayyyyyyy. Well, if you say so. Dare we ask for a fascinating fact? I was in the Ricky Gervais movie.

Wasn’t he in the Muppets movie? In which case we’re not sure whether to sympathise or ask for an autograph. Now sum yourself up in three words.

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy! OF 2018 AND WIN £150

realistically – all over our pages? Send us your pic and some contact details, including your telephone number, and just let us do the rest.

The ANNUAL winners of the Chick and Hunk awards will collect a massive cash prize of £150 EACH.


That’s one word written three times. Joke time! What’s green and hard? A frog with a fl ick knife.

Move over Jack Dee, Dave Anderson’s the deadpan king these days. Now, a sharp suited man like you surely can’t have had any fashion disasters?

I ripped my trousers in the bank and didn’t realise until I got home later.

Talk about making a large deposit…! Let’s head to the kitchen, what’s your speciality dish?

Jacket potato with plenty of cheeeeese!

Jamie Oliver’s job is safe then. Now just say you were king of a country, what law would you introduce? Help the homeless.

Nice one King Dave, we’re liking your style. Man of your elegance and sophistication must mingle with celebrities all the time. Met any?

I’ve managed the UK’s answer to Girls Aloud – Redd. Check them out on YouTube.

Hang on, just checking our social media. Talking of which, what’s best - social media or social down the pub?

Social down the pub and screen time.

Was meant to be one or the other, but we’ll let you off. Imagine winning millions on the Lottery. What would you buy?

A fi lm company.

Well Dave, your mean, moody looks and star quality put you on our A-List. Thanks for being our Skip Hunk!

Enterprise Waste Management, Wendover Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. SHWM July, 2018 25 25

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