Gasmet Technologies (UK) looking to make their mark at WASTE’18

EXHIBITING on stand 14 and making their debut under their new company name are GASMET TECHNOLOGIES (UK) LIMITED, a company which provides world-class testing and monitoring instrumentation for use in industrial processes, stacks, chimneys and ducts - as well as in the field, and the laboratory.

The company recently - and offi cially - changed name from Quantitech, after being acquired by Gasmet Technologies Oy.

Their success is built upon the world-leading products and customised systems on off er, coupled with outstanding levels of service and technical support.

As a subsidiary of Gasmet Technologies Oy, Gasmet UK staff have an unrivalled understanding of FTIR multiparameter gas monitoring technology. They also have longstanding experience in providing monitoring solutions to meet customers’ specifi c needs.

In addition to FTIR, Gasmet’s product range also includes

M LLOYD ENGINEERING, a company specialising in the design and manufacture of agricultural equipment, will be exhibiting inside on stand OS5 at WASTE’18.

The company’s engineering capability and facilities enable them to meet the needs of other local businesses, and they undertake many projects in the water well drilling, geothermal, and forestry sectors.

In 2002, the company built their fi rst screening bucket – this came about from a building project at Lloyd Engineering’s own site, which required reclaimed material to be screened.

From researching what was available on the market at the time, the manufacturer decided to design and create their own screening system, and this has exponentially grown ever since.

Constantly working to improve their products and facilities while investing in state-of-the-art machinery, Lloyd Engineering’s screening bucket market has defi nitely come of age, and is now a recognised method of screening materials cost eff ectively.

MACH-TECH SERVICES are the UK’s leading supplier of industrial shredding equipment, and will be exhibiting on stand 3 at WASTE ’18.

The Manchester-based company’s versatile range of products consists of primary, secondary, universal and mobile shredders, as well as processing systems for solid recovered fuels (SRF) and refuse derived fuel (RDF), plus impact crushers for anaerobic digestion.

The company also off er a range of 48

SHWM July, 2018

The benefi ts of portability include low running costs, minimal investment, and low maintenance; along with being able to work in confi ned and sensitive sites. All this makes a Lloyd screening bucket a valuable investment for any company.

Lloyd Engineering have designed a range of screening buckets that cover a wide range of applications and materials, and they have the experience to recommend the best solution for customers.

Mach-Tech’s shredding options set to tear it up at Leamington

industrial shredding machine from Mid UK Recycling, to take the company’s Lindner total to over 20.

The Lindner machines are all situated within the fi rm’s four main sites, across the Midlands.

renovated equipment, and recently invested in another Lindner Jupiter 3200

Ground-breaking and reliable technology are the standards set by generations of the Lindner family and the current range of multi award winning machinery has no equal in today’s marketplace.

Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) laser gas analysers, Cold Vapour Atomic Fluorescence (CVAF) continuous mercury monitors, Flame Ionisation Detectors (FIDs), heated sample lines and Portable Infrared Analysers.

Gasmet off er technical support in the following areas: remote diagnostics, in-house repair, fi eld service repair, emergency call out, fi eld or in-house Service maintenance contracts, manufacturer’s spare parts and application support.

Gasmet Technologies’ preventative maintenance service contracts can also be tailored to ensure an effi cient cost-eff ecti ve service.

Lloyd screening a huge business success

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