WASTE’18 C&C’s handling solutions for all conditions

C&C HYDRAULICS LIMITED will be exhibiting at WASTE ’18 on indoor stand F at the WEC on July 5.

The show will present C&C Hydraulics with the opportunity to present an all- new solution in response to changing H & SE regulations surrounding manual handling.

The company has a shared view that safety pays, and will present the Sumo ‘Uni-lift’ mobile utility lift and tipping device - off ering a fresh, fl exible approach to manual handling challenges, which businesses confront daily.

As well as covering a multitude of wheelie bin sizes, the ‘Uni-Lift’s’ 200 kg capacity allows the safe handling of 45 gallon drums with its quick fi t adaptor.

‘Uni-lifts’ rugged design combined with 200mm (eight-inch ) pneumatic tyres and low C of G, make it suitable for factory and off road conditions.

The combined ‘dead man gate’ and push bar is interlocked, and safely positions the operator for visual checks during load manipulation.

In addition, the design features variable

lift height and separate tip operation, while these features deliver the safe and accurate handling of many types of waste.

Inciner8 International looking for partners

INCINER8 INTERNATIONAL was started in 2004 by Vince Ferguson, after he sold an incinerator to a poultry farmer in Norwich.

It has grown since into a vibrant company supplying waste management solutions to global clients, specialising in waste-to energy solutions.

The company will be exhibiting on stand 26 to highlight their expertise within combustion furnace (for cleaning soil), or drying of material ready for another process.

Inciner8 International Marketing Manager, Alex Billingsley spoke about the company’s focus at the one-day exhibition.

He said: “We are focussing predominantly on our new Waste-to-Energy technology, specifi cally designed and engineered to

process up to 1000 kg per hour of high grade RDF, which in turn can output a steady 170 kWh.

“The output of burned waste can be utilised and turned into reusable energy, to create electricity or heat.

“Not only are you provided with a great solution to dispose of your waste, but you are also generating energy that you can use elsewhere, therefore saving costs. This is the future of incineration and combustion technologies.”

Inciner8 are looking into building strong partnerships in the UK to deliver innovative waste-to-energy solutions, and provide renewable energy to communities where needed.

Alex added: “Globally – we are working on some exciting projects to tackle some of the world’s biggest waste problems such as in the Maldives and the Lebanon.

“Asides from our commercial activity, we’re involved in clean-up projects with Ocean Action groups – provision of clean potable water is also something we are strongly committed to on a global basis.”

ECO BAUGHANS 2000 LTD was established in 1990 by the director, Andrew Baughan, and will be at WASTE’18 exhibiting on outside stand 13.

The famil y-owned company specialise in the manufacture and supply of quality recycling equipment and re-handling attachments.

Based in rural Northamptonshire, Eco Baughans 2000 Ltd’s products are constantly developing to meet the ever changing needs of the recycling industry.

Having been in the skip hire and waste recycling industry for over 20 years, the British manufacturer recognises the need for low cost screening and recycling equipment, for the small to large sized operators.

This working knowledge of the industry provides the background information for the design of a simple, compact and cost- eff ective range of screens, picking stations, crushing equipment, and attachments - to suit all applications and budgets.


Veka Recycling offer a window of opportunity

VEKA RECYCLING are Europe’s largest PVC-U recycler, and they will be exhibiting on stand 10.

The company is committed to creating a cost-eff ective and sustainable alternative to landfi ll across the UK, with a primary processing facility in the UK. VEKA Recycling accepts all brands of windows.

At the VEKA recycling plants in the UK, France, and Germany, the PVC-U recycling specialists process old windows to such a purity they can be used to make quality new windows.

This makes UPVC one of the most sustainably-recycled products currently available in the building and home improvement market.

This ensures VEKA Recycling off er a unique, closed loop recycling initiative for customers with a green conscience.

VEKA Recycling successfully process thousands of tonnes of end-of-life windows in the UK each year, saving companies thousands of pounds in landfill costs - and offering a long term solution for recycling old windows and doors.

As well as a primary production site in the UK VEKA have several recycling centres around the country, collating materials ready to deliver to the UK plant.

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