Camera kings Vision Techniques Group are ready for an expo to remember

VISION TECHNIQUES GROUP specialise in vehicle reversing cameras and CCTV systems for commercial vehicles, and will be exhibiting on Stand 6.

The manufacturing group supply a variety of vehicle safety products, which are designed to prevent false insurance claims, deter theft and vandalism, and allow drivers to mobilise safely through innovative vehicle safety cameras and security solutions.

Vision Techniques are one of the UK’s leading vehicle safety companies, off ering a complete range of products to reduce the risk of collision, and maximise the effi ciency of a company’s fl eet.

In such a rapidly-changing world, customers require vehicle cameras to help their fl eet of vehicles such as vans, HGV’s, lorries, trucks, buses, and coaches. These products aid vehicles to manoeuvre safely through on-board digital video recorders, by providing evidence and surveillance.

The range of hi-tech products available include mobile

vehicle CCTV camera systems, radar sensor systems, radar alarms, reversing camera systems, vehicle operator and crew communication systems, and fl eet tracking systems.

Vision Techniques’ quality reversing aids and other money- saving products help prevent accidents and motivate ‘best-driver practice’, while bringing peace of mind and the ultimate protection to company vehicles.

MOBA Mobile Automation AG aim to change world through sustainability

FOR over four decades, MOBA MOBILE AUTOMATION AG have been an established name in the mobile automation industry, and at WASTE’18 will be on Stand 39.

The company specialise in the automation technology sector and will be available for visitors, exhibitors and other guests at the Warwickshire Event Centre on July 5 to explain how MOBA are a global leader in the development and production of machine control systems, identifi cation, mobile weighing technology, and fl exible software solutions.

Many decades of experience allowed the MOBA Group to generate an in-depth knowledge through innovation. This innovative approach has attracted a well-known customer base including Caterpillar, Volvo, Dynapac, Bomag, Vögele, Ammann, Ruthmann, to name but a few top quality customers.

More than 100 development experts and 500 employees worldwide work on a common goal every day: to sustainably change the entire mobile automation sector.

Nexus can supply two hour solutions

UK leading tech-driven business mobility provider, NEXUS VEHICLE RENTAL LTD, will be exhibiting on Stan d 11. With nearly two decades of experience, Nexus are arguably one of the pioneers for the development of innovation, while specialising in the efficiency and effectiveness of business mobility technology.

Nexus is the fi rst and only provider to off er a UK wide HGV rental solution alongside cars, vans and specialist vehicles.

The company’s revolutionary online rental booking and management system IRIS is central to the company’s success.

Constantly being developed by the Nexus in-house specialist IT team, the IRIS system

52 SHWM July, 2018

allows businesses to access over 550,000 vehicles, including 100,000 specialist commercial vehicles and 50,000 HGVs, across more than 2,000 UK locations.

IRIS enables you to keep on top of compliance paperwork with set reminders, easy invoicing and calendar showing vehicles on hire, and an easy to use dedicated HGV dashboard to manage your rental fl eet all in one place.

Through its unrivalled supply chain which Nexus has built up to be the largest in the country, the company can source any vehicle, anytime, anywhere, and can deliver within two hours of a booking being made. This expertise and excellent service has resulted in Nexus retaining 98% of the company’s year-on-year customers.

Whether it’s industrial cleaning, tarmac transportation, waste management of transferring hazardous goods, our municipal vehicle range can assist with business needs. If you operate in the utilities, government local authorities or building sectors, Nexus can supply refuse vehicle, sweepers, gritters and cage tippers.

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