High flying Aimee’s a CERTIFIED DRAMA QUEEN

what you do there. I work at Pink Skips in Leeds, I’m Company Secretary.


How long have you worked there, and exactly what do you do on a day to day basis? One year – I’m the only one who does anything!

Yeah, we defi nitely know that feeling. Here at Skip Hire & Waste towers the pet pooch is our hardest worker. So what is the best bit about your job?

I love reading customer reviews after a good service. Keeping fi ve star reviews is key!

We’d settle for one star after a service to be honest. What don’t you like?

Monday mornings and rude customers.

Can’t believe they’d be rude to you. Tell us about the moment that made you cringe.

I always wanted to try oysters. Finally, I did in front of a table of friends, but I had to spit it right out. It was awful! Yuk!

Can’t blame you – anything that lives on the bottom of the sea and eats plankton gets a thumbs down here too. What do you do after work?

Socialise (drinking alcohol) and holidays (sunny ones).

Now you’re talking. What’s the craziest thing that you’ve ever done? I did the Grand Canyon Skywalk - 2,000 ft up and walking on glass!

Sounds as much fun as eating those oysters. Romance is in the air – where to, and who with?

My hubby does the best nights which usually involves nice restaurants and a wee wine. But if I was single, Channing Tatum would be my ideal date.

Sure he’s free this weekend, and looking for a skip. In other fantasy news, what would be your superhero power?

I’d defi nitely be invisible so I could see what gets done without me having to do it.

I imagine not a lot. What song is your theme tune? “I am what I am” by Gloria Gaynor. Speaks for itself!

Sassy lady! We know you’re good at spitting oysters, now give us a fascinating fact. I got an A* in drama at school – I am offi cially a drama queen

Well Hollywood’s loss is waste management’s gain. Sum yourself up for us in three words. Bossy, blonde and friendly.

And make us laugh with your best joke.

What’s the diff erence between a showman and a snowman? Snowballs!

Stylish lass like you can’t have had any fashion disasters… or have you?

Walked about with my dress tucked into my tights – the worst and very embarrassing!

The boss here does that all the time in the offi ce – we’re 24 SHWM July, 2018

fed up telling him to stop it. Grubs up! What’s your speciality dish?

I make a great curry – chicken and spinach balti.

Our speciality is eating curry, so we’re practically made for each other. Say you could be queen, what law would you introduce?

Thirty would be the new retirement age.

Arise Queen Aimee! Talking of rich, famous folks, have you ever met or bumped into a celebrity?

I once did a meet and greet with Anthony Joshua, I’m a massive fan and he’s a lovely guy.

Kind of dangerous to say anything other than that really. What’s best? Social media, or social down the pub?

Diffi cult… could I say the pub and enjoying a drink while I was also sat on my Facebook?

No, that’s not allowed. Just kidding! Finally, your numbers are up and you’ve won the Lottery. What’s on the shopping list?

A Range Rover SVR in pink.

Well, we’re in the pink after having met you. Thanks for being a fabulous Skip Chick.



FANCY yourself as a dreamboat, or a cut above the rest in the looks department?

Or are you a sassy sister who loves preening, posing, or catching a look at yourself in the mirror?

Would you like to see your name in big fl ashing lights, or more

HE is what she is – and that’s a bossy blonde pink lady who’s a real drama queen. Meet this month’s Skip Chick, the one and only Aimee Holmes.

Hi Aimee! Tell us where you work and

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