Thames Valley Asset Finance off er secure asset options for all sectors

THAMES VALLEY ASSET FINANCE (TVAF) are a fi nancial independent broker company with 25 years’ experience of asset and equipment refi nance. TVAF will be exhibiting on stand 32 at the very heart of the exhibition.

The specialist company provide fi nances for almost any asset, equipment or vehicle. This means that customers can have fi nancial peace of mind - as TVAF is regulated by the Offi ce of Fair Trading.

TVAF provide companies with the perfect platform to create the right solutions for their business to thrive, through a fi nancially-controlled fi rm.

Arranged asset fi nance loans start at

£10,000 upwards, while secured and unsecured business loans range from £25,000 to £2,000,000.

• Motor cars • Commercial vehicles • Construction equipment • Fork lift trucks • Engineering machine tools • Print equipment • IT hardware

TVAF supply business asset fi nance for almost any type of asset to acquire, including (but not limited to):

With TVAF, a company’s asset and/or equipment refi nance and fi nancing, could not be simpler or safer.

UK Remediation provide expert answers to contamination issues

UK REMEDIATION specialise in land contamination and have a wide range of experience in brownfi eld developments. They will be exhibiting on stand 13.

The Bristol-based company have built a reputation for providing efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally- sound contaminated land remediation services. Using extensive and in-depth knowledge, UK Remediation’s highly- skilled staff can successfully tackle an extensive range of projects.

When looking for safe and trusted soil remediation – either on-site, or off -site at the company’s Fixed Soil Treatment Facility – customers can be sure to have

projects completed on time and on budget, while adhering to strict health and safety standards.

From main contractors to environmental consultancies – and from ground workers to property developers and local authorities – UK Remediation will solve any contaminated land problems.

The waste management fi rm have strong relationships with nationwide treatment centres, disposal facilities, landfi lls, incinerators, recycling facilities, and labs. This means the company is able to provide customers with the best options at the most competitive countrywide rates, including disposal and recycling of:

• Asbestos contaminated material

• Invasive plants, such as Japanese knotweed and Himalayan balsam

• Quarry waste • Mining, industrial and process waste All UK Remediation site managers hold the Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) certifi cate, Asbestos Awareness Training, and First Aid Qualifi cation.

Zappshelter products continue to impress

IN-DEMAND ZAPPSHELTER, one of the fastest growing brands in the sector, can be found on stand 29.

The weather-proof equipment specialists are forever creating new and innovative ways to provide products to tackle the UK’s unpredictable weather conditions; a major issue for waste sites up and down the British Isles.

Zappshelter introduced their range to the UK and European waste recycling sector, designed and engineered to withstand the harshest of environments.

Zappshelter products are designed to increase customer storage space, and

50 SHWM July, 2018

there are sizes available to suit every requirement and budget.

Managing Director Craig Michel said: “We first viewed a similar shelter system in Australia many years ago, and decided to design a product for use in the UK and Europe. This meant extensive structural testing to ensure it was suitable for our climate.

“With the tightening up of waste storage and handling regulations in the industry, our product helps to keep sites in line with Environment Agency requirements.

“While the Zappshelter concept began with mounting the structure on

shipping containers, we also often work with existing material storage bays, or create new ones using our precast concrete bunker wall system.

“Zappshelters are perfect for material processing plants, but we also work extensively with the construction, plant and biomass industries too.”

Zappshelters are available throughout the UK and Europe, with a standard range of 6 metres to 17 metres wide, with lengths in either 6 metres or 12 metres. However, the product design is flexible and bespoke sizes can be manufactured to suit specific site needs.

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