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Event Review

manager Greg Banecker, “They encountered their operations from the perspective of their guests, from purchasing a ticket online to waiting in line to enter the venue, from visiting the gift shop to receiving a follow-up marketing communication after their visit. Then, booth visitors learned how Gateway’s Galaxy ticketing and admission control software makes these processes more efficient and profitable, and how it aggregates the operational data they collect to help them make smarter business decisions.” Lauren Wood-Weaver, director of marketing,

communications and business development at Sally Dark Rides had lots to talk about too. “We always strive to bring something fun to IAAPA and this year was no exception. Garfield, Jon, and Odie proved to be great booth mates – the animatronics were a hit on the show floor (tons of selfies!) and kept us laughing all week with their corny jokes. The characters are part of a new dark ride headed to Six Flags China called “Garfield’s Underwater Adventure. “We also promoted a new

dark ride concept, first announced at IAAPA Europe called “Adventure Through Time”. Adventure Through Time is the story of a curious young girl that discovers a mysterious finger trap hidden in a dusty corner

of a museum. Suddenly, she is transported through time to an ancient and perilous world of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the stormy Pirate-infested East China Seas of the 1800s, and the world of terrifying beasts of the Cretaceous Period – and she’s taken us with her! Only her bravery and quick-witted actions will save her, and return us all safely back to the museum.” “Lastly, we surprised our friend, and IAAPA Hall-o-Famer,

Dick Knoebel with a lifelike sculpt of himself. We were able to show off part of our craft that most never get to see (after-all, these sculpts are just one stage of creating an animatronic’s face) and pay homage to a great man and industry legend.” Triotech launched the Storm, an interactive VR coin-op

game that features two competing players sitting side-by-side on motion seats. “What is unique about the Storm is that it is

Time Ride, Polin Waterparks

Parkworld’s Becci Knowles riding

storm with Christian Martin, Triotech

interactive VR but guests do not hold a controller, they play by moving their hands and arms around,” said Ernest Yale, founder, president and CEO of Triotech. He added, “it’s not only a

thrill ride but also a side-by-side competition which players always enjoy”. Players interact by simple hand and arm motion there is no controller in their

hands. This device-free interactivity in a VR coin-op simulator is unique. “Triotech’s Storm comes with wind effects, motion, and exclusive content developed by Triotech,” said Yale. Polin Waterparks announced the launch of the Time Rider

waterslide at the IAAPA 2019 Expo named the winner of an IAAPA Brass Ring Award in the Best New Product Concept: Major Ride/ Attraction category. Time Rider claims to feature the world’s largest bowl with

four possible paths. “Offering four paths allows the riders to experience different choices every time, enabling riders to easily extend their time on this water slide,”said a spokesperson. “It also offers special lighting effects on its wormhole (functional observation walkway). This special and integrated walkway allows riders to enjoy their time watching others while waiting in line. This wormhole also features a

spray system, which creates a mystical environment and most importantly, this fog keeps the riders cool while they are waiting for their turn.” This water slide offers a whole new visual experience as

it’s fully themed and compatible with Polin’s highly covered Glassy (fully transparent water slide) technology. It also offers VR applications. In 2020, IAAPA Expo returns to the Orange County

Convention Center November 17-20. More than 245 companies have already reserved booth space for the trade show floor. See you there! For more on the 2019 IAAPA Expo visit www.parkworld- 33

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