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Event Review

Sunac Land in China which is said to have the world’s first combined coaster track, where a sit-down- and suspended train are simultaneously launched to heights, speeds and a vertical loop.

WhiteWater had a great show, winning Brass Ring Awards for Tailspin, Over/Under, and Spinning Rapids Ride. President and CEO, Geoff Chutter, was also honoured with an IAAPA Outstanding Service Award.

A rewarding show Alterface had a fantastic week in which it made a major announcement and won an award. The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) announced that it had selected interactive dark ride Popcorn Revenge in Walibi Belgium for a Thea Awards Outstanding Achievement, Limited Budget. It was the second year in a row that an interactive Alterface ride had received this prestigious award in the same category. In 2018 Bazyliszek at the Polish Legendia was honored with a Thea Award in Anaheim. Both rides are the result of a successful partnership of Alterface and the respective park teams with ETF Ride Systems, Jora Vision, Painting with Light, Barco and Showtex. Alterface also announced plans to roll of out its Popcorn IP as a turnkey- solution for family and regional theme parks at a packed press conference. Asked what its focus had been at the show, Professor

Thomas Wagner, managing partner, VR Coaster said: “Ours was our new technical setup that finally allows for virtual reality on ride attractions without loss in capacity, even on big facilities. “This was very interesting for this industry, since VR Coaster

rides still receive the highest ratings in guest feedback, but, so far, operations had been difficult and throughput was limited. That is no longer the case, and this has been very much appreciated by roller coaster and drop tower operators. “We see a lot of interest here to bring VR also on bigger,

more prominent facilities again. With the durable Pico VR glasses and our customizable cover for these headsets, we can now provide complete turnkey solutions for any VR extension. Especially our lighthouse installation ‘Crazy Bats”’at Phantasialand, Germany, which achieves 1,200 VR riders per hour, was a very important proof of the technical progress that we made over the last years. “Another important topic was our new VR Bumper Cars setup, which also won this year’s Brass Ring Award, First

Place in Best new Product. It is an amazing experience, and the first vehicle-based multiplayer VR attraction. There’s a lot of interest here too.” During the show Falcon’s Creative Group held a press

event with Katmandu to celebrate its partnership and reveal additional details on the future theme park in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Scott Demerau, co founder-of Katmandu Group told that that the company had made a conscious decision to avoid off-the-shelf rides in their new theme park, instead, opting for new ride delivery systems. Falcon’s felt this was a great opportunity to launch Suspended Theater, a flying theatre that is said to utilise “patented technology to create a unique reveal, immersing guests in powerful 3D media in a way no one has ever before experienced.” DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation showcased its

DS620A= and Snap Lab SL620A dye-sublimation photo printers with its unique printer wall at this year’s IAAPA Expo. “DNP IAM dye-sublimation printers are great for amusement parks because they allow park managers to offer fast photo prints that add to each guests’ experience at the park,” said Shinichi Yamashita, president of DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation. “Dye-sublimation prints dry quickly, so guests can easily receive their photos and move on to the next attraction without having to worry about smudging or about the image fading throughout the day in the sun. Guests want printed photos to remember their adventure without taking away from their time to enjoy the park.” Intercard debuted the iReader Impulse, a versatile hybrid

reader that is the first of its kind in the amusement industry. The iReader Impulse accepts credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) as well as stored-value play cards. It is the first reader to help proprietors to increase revenues by winning the business of ‘impulse’ players who just want to play a few quick games. Impulse players have traditionally used cash but that’s becoming rarer as FECs increasingly move from coin-op to cashless technology. “2019 was our best and busiest IAAPA Expo ever. We

were overwhelmed by the heavy interest generated by our new, first-of-its-kind iReader Impulse that takes credit cards as well as game cards,” said Scott Sherrod, CEO of Intercard. “Booth traffic was extremely lively and we had numerous pre- orders for the iReader Impulse, which will be available early in 2020. We also had great response from visitors to a special iTeller designed for FECs with cinemas; it can serve customers with movie tickets, games cards and food and beverage vouchers.” Over at Severn Lamb, the company’s

Matthew French told Park World: “We had a lot of interest in our EV related products with all of us heading into 2020 and government guidelines getting stricter, more businesses are being encouraged to ‘Go Green’. Our SL Land Trains are a perfect fit for this type of technology and they now offer both the traditional Diesel Euro 6 rated model as well as a full electric variant.” Gateway Ticketing showcased its

Adventure Through Time, Sally Dark Rides


brand new Guest Journey, a guided experience that immersed attractions industry professionals into the journey of their guest. According to marketing


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