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Park News

Fairytale Farm announces Superheroes Week

Fairytale Farm has announced its first ever Superheroes Week, with superhero-themed activities running all day right through the February half-term (15th to 23rd February 2020). Fairytale Farm owner, Nick

Laister, said: “Those fairytale baddies had better watch out as Fairytale Farm is taken over by ‘powerful forces for good’ when comic book superheroes join us for a fun packed week of heroics and

heroism, when we open next year on 15th February!” Top of the list is sure to be Superhero

Training, which takes place every day between 2pm and 5pm. Nick adds: “Don’t miss out on your chance to gain super powers when the Enchanted Players return to Fairytale Farm for fun, games and superhero training with

two legendary superheroes to guide you every afternoon between 2pm and 5pm.” Nick explains that there are many

other superhero-themed activities taking place that week: “You can also join in with Super Cookie Decorating, Spot the Super Power along our Enchanted Walk and make a bat mask, spider mask or cat mask in our Super Craft Corner. And come dressed up as your favourite superhero and receive a sweet treat.”

Octonauts to launch at Sea Life Shanghai


erlin Entertainments has partnered with Silvergate Media to bring its hit property Octonauts to Changfeng Ocean World in Shanghai, part of the Sea Life global aquarium chain.

Opening in June 2020, it will be the largest Octonauts attraction worldwide, creating

an authentically themed experience that will give families the opportunity to play and explore in a fully submersed Octopod within Changfeng Ocean World’s huge new “Stingray Bay” experience. Visitors to the new attraction will join their favourite characters including Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, and Peso, and learn about the world’s oceans and sea life. Guests will also be able to purchase Octonauts products in a dedicated gift shop. The attraction builds on the momentum of previous Sea Life partnerships with

Silvergate Media in the UK, Europe, Australia and the US, with additional new activations due to be announced later this year. Silvergate Media’s animated TV show, Octonauts, continues to appeal to

audiences around the world with the show’s storytelling, educational narratives and compelling characters enabling it to cross cultural divides. Currently, Silvergate is readying the launch of the fifth season of Octonauts which will air this year.

Nashville Shores introduces Mega Mayhem

Nashville Shores, Nashville, Tennessee, is transforming its waterpark in 2020 with the addition of Mega Mayhem, which will be the largest waterslide addition in the history of the waterpark. From ProSlide Technologies, the family raft ride is scheduled to be ready for guests to enjoy on opening day in May. “Mega Mayhem is a family-thrill

water slide that we are excited to bring

to Middle Tennessee in 2020,” said Larry Edgmon, general manager of Nashville Shores. “This unique, thrilling ride is actually like two water slides in one. It is a hybrid slide featuring two distinct elements with a tornado funnel and a giant four-story wall that will provide a memorable group experience for families and friends.” Beginning atop a towering six

storey platform, rafts will carve through

a dark serpentine tunnel, then drop suddenly through a chute into the tornado funnel, where they swing between zero-gravity moments and dizzying drops. The raft then picks up speed down a 45º angle which then thrusts riders up and across the 40-foot high, near-vertical wall. Rushing off the wave, riders sweep into a thrillingly, narrow enclosed slide, through a waterfall, and into the splash pool. MegaMayhem will be the only water

slide of its type in Tennessee, and one of only six in the entire world. It will also feature a new tube conveyor lift to transport tubes to the top of the attraction. “This is the biggest water slide that

we have ever put in Nashville Shores,” said Edgmon. “Beside the thrills guests will experience on the slide, the view of the waterpark and Percy Priest Lake from the tower is going to be incredible.” 10 WINTER EDITION

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