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restaurant Crystal Heart in the kingdom of the Snow Queen , Vampire Bite burger café, and Strahov

are at the final stage of construction and already undergoing a soft opening. The project will complete on 28 February.

Have you faced any challenges during the construction phase and if so, how have you overcome them? The company has appointed a general construction contractor named Reinassance. Building during Russian Winter is not easy therefore the first task was to finish the shell in order to gain protection

from the outside weather, allowing all the internal theming and finishing work could begin. The other key task has been to fit the major rides in the box, while the constructions were ongoing which has been proved to be an architectural and construction challenge. Now we can say that all this is over and accomplished.

Will you offer live shows and seasonal events? Once fully operational Dream Island will feature

various shows: a live-holographic show in a 600 seat theatre, an action packed show on the bridge in the New York streets reconstructed for the Ninja Turtles theme areas, a Princess Party show at the Hello Kitty Stage, a Buratino (Pinocchio) based show for younger kids, and a lot of meet and greets with major characters all around the park.

Will you have accommodation on site? Dream Island, unlike most of the major theme parks in the world, sits in a nature park, which is 10 minutes away from the Kremlin, considered the center of the city. Therefore, there is no need for tourist or guest accommodation, as it happens in major resorts (i.e. Disney or Universal) worldwide. That said, the project will include a 4* hotel facing the Moskva river, directly connected with a tourist port and embankment. Imagine that you could arrive

to the park directly with a boat gently sailing along the river…

Tell me about the F&B and retail offer? Dream Island will offer themed food and culinary experiences, according to the specific areas mood and characters: a gentle and shining Hello Kitty Cafè, Antonio's Pizza-rama sitting in the middle of Ninja Turtles reconstructed New York district,


tavern – in the Hotel Transylvania’s themed zone. Guests will try Smurfs cotton candy or Belgian waffles with smurfberries, ice cream, hot and cold drinks in cafe Sweets by Smurfette dedicated to kids, and a very strongly themed Asian cuisine restaurant Mangosteen in the area of Dino Land developing on three floors. A number of food trucks and carts, plus

little F&B outlets will complete the offer. Besides that, the adjacent shopping mall will offer all major food formats, including fast food.

Who are your target visitors? Is Dream Island aimed more at the domestic or tourist market? Moscow is one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world, with over 13 million inhabitants and over 24 million people living in the oblast, Moscow greater area. The park will therefore rely heavily on the domestic residential market. In 2018 tourism in the city accounted for 18 million domestic and 5.5 million international tourists, but these figures are growing, especially after Russian recent Soccer world cup.

Who is your competition? What will make Dream Island stand out? Dream Island is the first ‘theme’ park, in the truest sense of the word, for Moscow and the whole of Russia, so faces little direct competition. That said, there is a lot of entertainment on offer in the city inside parks, shopping malls, commercial areas, promenades and other kids oriented formats.

In your opinion, what are the current consumer trends in the theme park market in Russia? What visitors looking for? Russia shares trends which we see in leisureand parks worldwide: the search for more engaging and compelling experiences; availability to pay for quality entertainment; great attention to kid’s and family focused attractions; mass personalisation, digitalisation and immersion using all technological devices and tools; a seamless experience with regards to paying methods or digital devices; and a growing intolerance to queues, waiting times and useless activities. Local people from Moscow are

curious, looking for new experiences, willing to embrace novelties, take great care of their children and in general…like to enjoy life and have fun!

How does Dream Island fit into Moscow's overall offering? We think that Dream Island fills a gap: a high-level leisure offering for families with kids, a group that normally attends shopping malls, small FECs or indoor entertainment centres and nature parks in the

summer. No fully themed park such as this is available in the city or in the entire country.

Do you have any plans for expansion? Yes, on two levels. On the current site, the project will develop from a simple shopping mall and theme park into a full resort with outdoor landscape park. In 2021 at the second stage of construction we

plan to build a hotel, embankment, concert hall and Yachting school. Later there may be some sort of expansion to Saint

Petersburg and Ekaterinburg, where new similar theme parks can be opened. They are also going to be filled with interesting content. But the flagship Moscow Dream Island project is going to be the biggest one.

What would you say is the Dream Island's company ethos? What do you want your visitors to come away thinking about their experience? Dream Island aims to offer world-class entertainment to Russian families and kids, creating a place of joy and compelling memories and experiences to live and share together with the people you love. The mix of local and international IPs will allow adult guests to become children for a day and children to fully live their dreams and meet their favorite characters. We hope to create a smile that they will bring home for the days to come.


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