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Park News

Accelerated growth for Puy du Fou


uy du Fou is continuing to speed up its development both in France and on the international stage, following a highly successful 2019 season.

For 2020, €52m has been invested in a new grand scale show, a spectacular

hotel and a one-of-a-kind conference centre. The sequel to ‘Les Orgues de Feu’, ‘Les Noces de Feu’ (The Wedding of Fire) features the love-struck protagonists (the Muse and the Pianist) on their wedding day.

Following a €15m investment, the new 30 minute show will take place on vast 7,600m2 stage, with 30 actors and underwater stunt doubles, 80 electroluminescent costumes and up to 7,000 seated spectators.

Puy du Fou’s newest

4-star hotel, ‘Le Grand Siècle’ offers 96 family rooms, ‘La Table des Ambassadeurs’ restaurant (500 covers) and three hectares of French formal gardens. The €20m investment brings

the park’s total hotel capacity to 500 rooms and 2,500 beds. ‘Le Theatre Molière’ is a new 3,500m2

central auditorium, 11 fully modular meeting rooms (between 40m2

convention centre comprising a 500-seat and 250m2

) and a

large multi-purpose space designed to host any type of meeting, convention or conference. It is situated just a few metres from ‘Le Grand Siècle’ and follows a €10m investment. In 2019, Puy du Fou España welcomed 72,000

guests to its first Spanish creation, ‘El Sueño de Toledo’, the biggest show in Spain. This was 12,000 more than the anticipated 60,000 thanks to the addition of three extra performances in response to local demand. Puy du Fou has also just signed its first contract in

China where the country’s first ‘Puy du Fou’, at the foot of the Great Wall, will open in 2022.

Tivoli’s Lars Liebst steps down as CEO

Lars Liebst is stepping down as CEO of Tivoli Gardens. The Advisory Board for Tivoli A/S and Liebst have agreed to initiate a succession plan for the post as chief executive officer. Liebst, who has been CEO at Tivoli A/S since 1996 said:

“After nearly 24 years at the helm in one of Denmark’s most interesting and diverse companies, the Board and I have agreed that the time is right to make way for the next generation. During my tenure, Tivoli has transformed from a seasonal to a year-round business, and the diversity has never been greater. Tivoli’s Advisory Board has just approved the strategy, which the Board, senior management and staff have been working on for a year. That is an ideal moment to pass on the baton. The Board and I have agreed that I stay on until my successor is in place.” Chairman of the Advisory Board at Tivoli A/S Tom

Knutzen said: “Lars Liebst hands over a company in tip-top shape, heading for the best year’s result ever. The Board is pleased that Lars Liebst stays on until his successor has been found.”


HemingwayDesign creates new logo for Dreamland’s 100th anniversary year

Dreamland Margate has once again teamed up with HemingwayDesign to create a striking new logo for the amusement park’s 100th anniversary. The family-led design studio has created the

unique Dreamland 100 brand for use throughout 2020, when the iconic amusement park will celebrate its centenary. HemingwayDesign’s approach was to take

influence from the retro style of Margate’s seafront promenade and bring it up to date with a touch of modernist minimalism. The brand celebrates Dreamland’s heritage with the slogan: ‘1000 smiles per hour, 100 years, 10 decades, 1 Dreamland’. Dreamland CEO Eddie Kemsley said: “Our

100th year will celebrate the future of Margate and Dreamland as well as its past. “Dreamland is one of the most important and

striking attractions in the country, it is part of our cultural heritage. So much love and hard work has gone into preserving and celebrating this cherished seaside attraction over the past ten decades; we are immensely proud to introduce it to a new generation of Dreamers and to give them something sensational to talk about in 2020.

“Not only do we have a huge line up of events in

the works, but we also look forward to sharing stories from our past – and celebrating our loyal customers – with the rest of the world.”


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