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Company Profile

Today, Dotto has four lines of products: the ‘Classic’ line, the ‘Modern’ line, the

‘Funny’ line and the ‘Rail’ line. Thanks to a wide range of colours and of options every Dotto train is unique and can be personalised. Millions of people have enjoyed travelling on board a Dotto Train and in over

than 50 years, more than 3000 trains have been delivered in major historic centres and tourist destinations around the world. All of the company’s people movers are produced at its factory in Castelfranco Veneto, with a showroom and another warehouse just a few kilometres away.

Different demands Dotto trains are characterised also by an efficient hydraulic - pneumatic braking system, and the comfort for driver and passengers is assured also in case of prohibitive climatic conditions. They offer a wide range of models suitable for different situations, from the Old Style to the latest futuristic but always with a “touch of magic” that makes every journey an unforgettable experience. Different countries and tourist destinations differ in their demands says Sabrina,

“for example, if the train has to be registered to run in public areas, it’s very important be always informed about different laws of everyplace. Even if they

seems similar they could be very different regarding the technical features - a train produced for the German market may not fulfil the legislative requirements for the Italian market.” Ottorina continues: “As a train for a city sightseeing tour is different to a train

that runs in a seaside place. For a a city tour, the customer may want to offer entertainment with multi-lingual equipment, or in a mountain area, facilities for skiers or with heating, or they might want to take care of people with reduced mobility. In a gulf country, for example, it is mandatory to consider the climate conditions offering solutions with powerful air conditioning.” Asked about their most interesting project, Sabrina says: “Recently We had an

important order for the Dubai Safari Park, where we designed and produced eight new trains, the Dottobus Enclosed, both the diesel engine Euro VI version and Electric version, as well as other Classic trains. “The very special Enclosed Dottobus’ was fitted with a very strong and powerful

air conditioning to be able to reach a thermic delta of appproximately 30°C, it has a special interior design with single seats, and full set of electronic devices for the entertainment of the passengers (multilanguage, video/screen player, etc…). The company, says Ottorina, is constantly

updating its products to improve the experience. “For example the Muson River has been produced with many different engines and tractions (with petrol, gpl, diesel, 2x4 and 4x4) and is now fitted with the latest engine Euro VI and available both with manual and

JULY 2019

Automatic Allison Gearbox. But we have lots of examples also regarding different other very popular models… “

A changing landscape Dotto Trains has seen a number of changes in the industry sense its inception in 1962 and has become very adept at responding to them. “Our trains are considered in many European countries ‘special vehicles’ and are approved to run on public roads. For this reason we have to respect very rigid rules that come from

the National Transport Authority in the different countries. “In the recent years, we have also responded to the need for eco friendly

vehicles, which have obliged us to be always in line with the new laws respecting the low level of emissions.Our trains have become more sophisticated and technologically advanced as a result,” says Sabrina. Ottorina is very clear on what sets Dotto Trains apart from its competitors: “The

Sabrina Carraro, president and

Ottorina Carraro, vice president

history and the experience for sure and the fact that we realise our trains starting from the design of the base chassis so that we can provide a high quality train that can perform properly in different contexts.” Indeed, specific chassis are projected and designed in order to provide high quality products. Avant-garde technology, top research and style, customer care and respect for nature make Dotto an unbeatable partner for the creation and development of new tourist services and ‘constantly moving’ commercial opportunities. Ivo’s dream continues to be renewed with

enthusiasm and determination, day after day thanks to the skilled work of the Dotto family and their staff. Park World looks forward to seeing what their next ‘move’ is!


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