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Park News

PortAventura World presents Mobaro with award P

ortAventura World has presented Mobaro with the prize as preferred

digitalisation supplier at an award show for its suppliers. It was handed over at the event where

hundreds of representatives from the resort and its suppliers took part. A total of nine awards were given and Mobaro’s CEO Henrik Fjordside Have was there to accept. “We are extremely honoured to be acknowledged by our client like this,” he

said, adding: “PortAventura World is a prime example of an attraction with extensive focus on enhancing safety, maintenance and operations procedures digitally. And we are proud to be their preferred supplier for this process because it confirms that the concept we offer, has true value.”

Commenting on Mobaro as its

preferred digitalisation supplier, technical director Alfonso García said: “We do not want to adapt a ‘standard market

software’ to our very specific and precise needs. Understanding our technical language and knowing the European standards ensures a step forward in management. It is not only about changing from paper to the digital system, it is about enhancing with all the possibilities that the digital medium offers us. Collaborating with a company that can also give us the experience of development in other European parks, also gives us a more open vision with a perspective of developing the project that is not limited to our knowledge only. And Mobaro meets our expectations.”

Smurfs GameChanger for Shimao’s Smurfs theme park

Shimao Group will be opening a brand-new Smurfs theme park (phase two of Shimao Dream City Theme Park) in Shanghai in 2019. One of the rides in the indoor Smurfs Village will be a Smurf themed GameChanger, completely developed and installed by Lagotronics Projects. The Smurfs theme park is being realised by Shimao Group in partnership

with Belgian companies IMPS (holder of the rights of the Smurf’s IP). KCC Entertainment Design company serves as design team for the park. The park will have four themed zones, one is outdoor and the other three

are indoor; The Forest, Gargamel’s House, The Outdoors and Smurfs Village. The well-known GameChanger ride will be located in Smurfs Village, and according to Lagotronics, it’s going to be a true ‘Swamp Adventure’! Developed by Lagotronics Projects, the game-play will differ from common

interactive Media Dark Rides: instead of playing the game in a static scene, the players now will feel like they’re moving through the scenes because of the dynamic viewpoint. To keep the excitement in it, not too much is revealed yet, but it promises to be a

typical Smurf-style adventure, where visitors need to help the Smurfs to stay out of Gargamel’s hands and set free the poor Smurfs who already have been captured… Lagotronics Projects is very happy with Shimao choosing the GameChanger

once again. In 2016 they had the scoop of opening the very first GameChanger in the world: the Max Ranger in Skyscraper City (Shishi). It’s also for the second time Lagotronics Projects partners up with KCC Entertainment Design, after the successful cooperation in the TEKZONE project (Kuweit).

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory hits home run

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory has introduced a new factory tour experience. The tour now begins with a thrilling

3.5-minute movie that transports guests to the forests and mills, where every Louisville Slugger bat begins. This giant, floor-to-ceiling projection sets the stage for the world-famous factory tour by telling the important story of the wood before it reaches the factory. This is the first major factory tour

renovation since Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory openedat this

location in 1996. The legendary landmark attracts 300,000 guests a year. JRA provided master planning, writing

and content development, exhibit design, graphic design, executive media production, project management, and art direction for the renovation. The new pre- tour movie was directed, shot and produced by MoPics. Schaefer Construction provided pre-construction, demolition, and general contracting

services on this and previous projects at Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. “The ultimate goal of the new tour is to share the spirit and personality of the


product and brand through the factory’s process and people,” said Matthew Wheeler, JRA senior project director. “This authentic brand story is told in a contemporary and sensory way. With an enhanced storyline, media, lighting, environmental graphics, and technology,

the new tour shares Louisville Slugger’s rich history, while offering guests a look at its continued role in baseball’s future.”

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