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Batman: The Ride opens at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


ix Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, California, has opened Batman: The Ride, a 4D Free Spin Coaster from S&S-Sansei. On this new coaster, riders are suspended outward on either side of the track as the cars flip continuously

throughout the experience. Batman: The Ride is the park’s 11th coaster, more than any other theme park in Northern California. “As the world leader in thrills, Six Flags continues to raise the bar to deliver the most

unique and innovative experiences in the industry,” said park president Don McCoy. “Batman: The Ride is a game-changer and is the perfect headliner for the DC Universe area of the park, which already features an incredible collection of rides and attractions based on the world’s most iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains.” Riders on this 4D wing coaster experience sensory overload as they flip head-over-

heels at least six times along a weightless, tumbling journey with unexpected drops and vertical free-falls. Other highlights of this adrenaline-pumping coaster include a one-of-a-kind onboard magnetic technology featuring smooth, head-over-heels free-fly flips, giving guests the feeling of weightlessness as they soar outside the confines of a traditional track, 4D winged vehicles that extend outside of the track and seat eight riders per vehicle, face-off seats that allow riders to face each other as they tumble

First LEGOLAND Water Park in

Europe to open at Gardaland Gardaland CEO, Aldo Maria Vigevani has announced plans to open the first LEGOLAND water park in Europe at the resort in 2020. It will also be the first in the world inside a theme park not to be entirely LEGOLAND branded. Founded in 1932 in Denmark, the

LEGO name was formed as a combination of the first two letters of the Danish words “LEg GOdt” respectively, which mean “Play well”. At almost 90 years since its establishment, the “incredible brick brand” is now one of the world’s leading manufacturer of play materials, marketed in more than 140 countries and selling approx.70 billion LEGO elements per year. The brand, which is loved by enthusiasts of all ages on all continents, boasts more than 340 “LEGO User Groups” globally, and is subscribed to by hundreds of thousands of fans. “This is great news”, said Paolo

Lazzarin, general manager of LEGO Italia. “We are really proud and I’m certain that the Park will fill the young and adult builders who passionately follow the brick with joy.” “The LEGO brand is renowned

globally and will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening Gardaland

JULY 2019

head-over-heels, and a 120 foot (37 m) tall, 90º vertical lift hill and two beyond 90º “raven” drops giving the sensation of free-falling.

Batman: The Ride is now open to the public and makes its home in the all-new DC

Universe area of the park which features an incredible lineup of DC-branded attractions including: Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, Superman Ultimate Flight, The Joker, Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster, The Penguin Ride, and the newly reimagined The Flash: Vertical Velocity. The area also offers a host of new food, shopping and entertainment options.

Guests can pick up Super Hero and Super-Villain t-shirts and swag at The Daily Planet, The Joker Funhouse Shop, or the new Gotham City Gifts. Quick Quenchers Refill Station, and Big Belly Burger, with mobile ordering, will be ready with hot food and cold beverages.text to go here, Indent text to go here.

Futuristic thrill ride now open at Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England, Agawam, Massachusetts, has opened its newest thrill ride, Cyborg Hyper Drive. A Chance Rides’ Free Style, this hi-tech attraction, inspired by the iconic DC Super Hero Cyborg, offers a dynamic ride experience, futuristic lighting, and sound effects. “Innovation is part of the Six Flags DNA

and Cyborg Hyper Drive reinforces our commitment to delivering the latest and greatest

Resort’s position as a major European tourist destination, as well as confirming it as a top player for family entertainment”, stated Vigevani. The LEGOLAND Water Park,

which is primarily geared to families with children aged two to twelve, expresses the founding values of the LEGO brand, namely: Fun, Quality, Imagination, Creativity, Learning. All these elements are perfectly aligned to Gardaland’s core values: Fantasy, Adventure and Magic. With this latest addition, Gardaland

will offer its guests yet another reason to prolong their fun inside the resort staying at one of the three fantastic themed hotels: Gardaland Hotel, Adventure Hotel and the brand new Magic Hotel.

in thrills and entertainment,” said park president Pete Carmichael. “Our DC-branded attractions are extremely popular with our guests and we are excited to add another cutting-edge attraction bearing Cyborg’s name to our already epic lineup.” Cyborg Hyper Drive is an extreme, new

dark ride experience and the first dark ride to premiere at the park since 1999. Cyborg Hyper Drive invites guests to S.T.A.R. Labs to help Cyborg test a new technological device. As the story unfolds, the evil, sentient cybernetic system called GRID hacks into the mainframe and takes control of the entire lab. Riders find themselves caught up in the battle, spinning and whirling mercilessly through the air, while Cyborg wrestles to regain control of the enormous machine. This new att raction offers 360º of pure, heart-pounding adrenaline.


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