JCM’s new tech at G2E 65 years of experience makes all the difference…


ith more than 65 years of innovation and creativity to draw from and build on, JCM Global wowed the industry once again at G2E with a

host of new technologies designed to enhance the guest experience, boost security, and increase efficiencies across the casino floor and count room.

Enhancing the Guest Experience

JCM’s innovative Digital Signage Solutions are as flexible as the spaces they illuminate and as varied as the content they display. JCM showed a broad range of display solutions, including DSS FLOOR and CUBE in stacked and hanging configurations, the DSS FLEX, and the DSS MAX-R video wall. JCM system solutions to enhance the guest

experience include the groundbreaking FUZION system and associated technologies, including the Peripheral Network Adapter (PNA), NFC Mobile I/O, and iTITO, all of which give players more choices and operators greater abilities to reach guests. JCM will also showcase the ICB Intelligent Cash Box system and PromoNet systems. JCM’s leading printers, including the GEN5 Thermal Printer and CouponXpress, empower operators to communicate directly with customers at the EGM, table game, kiosk, and players club. JCM’s partnership with CountR and their

secure TITA system enables high-speed cash processing, TITO transactions, and debit/POS

transactions to live table games, giving players more options to play their favorite table games.

Boosting Security

JCM’s bill validators are legendary worldwide for acting as the first line of defense against counterfeiters and cheats, and at G2E, JCM will display standard- setting technology, centering around the award winning iVIZION, a product which set new standards for sensing technology and has unmatched industry performance. JCM’s FUZION technology connected to the

iVIZION boosts security with real-time digital imaging, increased surveillance capabilities, better management of support resources and financial asset tracking, and trusted Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for secure contactless transactions.

Increasing Efficiencies

JCM’s latest partnership with Cash Processing Solutions (CPS) dramatically increase efficiencies in the count room with flexible and modular count-sort solutions, including the 7000i, X Range, and V Series and ECM enterprise-wide cash management software. JCM’s new ICB ASAP is the biggest

technological advancement to come to the count room since JCM first introduced its ICB more than a decade ago and proved to be the company’s breakout hit at G2E. A network of four industrial-grade robots and industry-standard automation devices, ICB ASAP streamlines the count room, enhances productivity, reduces human contact, boosts security, improves throughput, and increases reliability.

PATIR brings improved product to G2E Seating specialists refine already-successful lines for the future


ATIR is not a company to rest on its laurels, taking the seating they have already enjoyed success with in North America and making ergonomic adjustments and

improvements for guest comfort. G2E saw the company introduce some new seating models, with an eye on current trends in the sector – and that of course means models for sportsbook areas, plus poker and other table games, as well as the more traditional slot seating products. Patir has also extended its hospitality seating line with new stack chair models for

Dennys and Seref Patir at G2E 2021

banquet setups. These seats feature lightweight aluminium frames and flexible

backrests for extra guest comfort. After G2E, Dennys Patir said: “G2E remains an important show for our company, probably more so now that our US office is established in Nevada. It gives us a chance to see all of our customers – and potential customers – face to face, and it’s a real pleasure to be able to do that after COVID. “Thanks to our in-house production combined with keeping large inventories, plus improvements to our logistics infrastructure, we continue to offer extremely fast lead times for any order quantities in North America – and of course globally.”

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