G2E REVIEW Passport Technology line-up

wows at G2E Passport Technology, the fastest-growing international payments company supporting brick-and-mortar casino resorts, online wagering operators, and associated payments verticals unveiled its full line of payment solutions at this year’s G2E.


n addition to purpose-driven product enhancements on its existing products designed to improve the patron experience, the company revealed the newly released digital wallet, CashLoop, and recently

acquired loyalty and rewards solution, Lush. “We are elated by the initial customer response

to our CashLoop and Lush unveiling,” stated Jason King, CRO of Passport. “Casino patrons are constantly seeking modern technology such as digital wallet and engagement opportunities from their favorite establishments. Passport can now help our customers deliver this elevated patron experience. G2E was the perfect venue to showcase and demonstrate this advanced technology in-person to our customers.”

Cashless Payments & Digital Wallet

CashLoop addresses the accelerating shift of cashless payments and provides patrons convenient, fast, and secure access to funds through numerous interactive touchpoints, including table games, slots, and online platforms. CashLoop delivers a fully integrated gaming experience across Passport’s product suite and leverages evolving technologies to ensure patrons and operators can integrate digital payments and wallets throughout their payment ecosystem.

Loyalty & Rewards

Purpose-built to increase revenue with increased engagement, the Lush platform delivers a fully customizable loyalty solution with limitless configuration possibilities. Delivered through engaging customizable kiosk software, Lush incentivizes patrons to enroll, advances brand exposure and increases player participation. Passport also showcased the full suite of

payment, regulatory compliance, and automation solutions for gaming operators including transaction processing, cashier automation, regulatory and compliance software, real-time analytic promotions, merchant services, and bank-sponsored ATM processing.

Self-Service Employee Bank Building

Bank Builder Pro is the most progressive cash recycling solution for managing and creating employee banks. By automating the till-building process, employees can begin and end their shifts

NOVEMBER 2021 39

quickly. Passport’s proprietary software leverages best-in-class hardware, reducing time overhead and maximizing employee productivity. The machine can be loaded and audited securely without opening the safe or dropping cash through an external transit cassette.

Cage Cashier Automation

Delivering unrivaled automated cash handling at the cage, LiveCage streamlines the cash payout process for faster and more accurate transactions. LiveCage automates cashier drawers, increasing staff efficiency, reducing variances, and providing cashiers with the time to create a better customer experience. Passport’s proprietary data capture module allows transactions to be captured from any software, populating transaction details without manual cashier intervention.

Next Generation Self-Service Redemption Kiosks

CashStream, with its sleek design, features a compact footprint without compromising visibility or capacity and is available with best-in-class, nationwide hardware support. CashStream features the most technically advanced PCI-compliant components on the market and is unmatched in hardware security, fraud prevention, reliability, and

uptime. Integrated with Passport’s portfolio of FinTech services, cash automation, digital payments, and player loyalty, CashStream positions itself as the most advanced kiosk for tomorrow’s casino.

Expedited Jackpot Dispensing

Jackpot Pro is the fastest and most efficient way to expedite the jackpot dispensing process for slot attendants. Using Jackpot Pro will guarantee swift transactions for casino patrons while minimizing cash losses.

Title 31 and AML Compliance Automation

Guardian Pro aggregates and tracks patron and transaction data across the gaming floor with a highly intuitive interface. Patron KYC features include TIN check, DMF, OFAC, and numerous international verifications. Guardian Pro streamlines the creation, review, and submission of MTL, CTR, and SAR to fulfill FinCEN reporting requirements.

Check Warranty Services

With Passport’s warranty check cashing services, patrons can access their funds while eliminating the risk to casinos. Transactions are powered by Fiserv, leveraging advanced risk scoring analytics and real-time reaction to fraud risks.

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