G2E REVIEW Everi: deep game library and

red-hot Fintech solutions Everi showcased the latest additions to its award- winning game library at G2E, including nearly 40 new original game themes and six licensed titles


eri’s player focus and investment in development of new gaming cabinets, content, and play features are delivering greater player

engagement and have increased our ship share of for sale games and our installed base of recurring revenue machines,” said Michael Rumbolz, Everi Chairman and CEO. “Our Games team continues to execute on a well-planned product road map that introduces novel entertainment experiences and fresh takes on proven premium titles.” “Our distinctive products reinforce our

leadership in the high-denomination mechanical reel segment, demonstrate our expanding depth and breadth in entertaining video content, and showcase our latest premium titles and next- generation TournEvent platform,” said Dean Ehrlich, Everi Executive Vice President and Games Business Leader. “The latest addition to our three-reel mechanical lineup – Player Classic Signature – is inspired by the success of our current top-performing mechanical cabinet. It’s built for the future and yet classic in its appeal for players in this respective category.” Everi Games’ products showcased at G2E 2021 should be commercially available in less than 12 months and include:

New Mechanical Cabinet

Furthering its leadership position in mechanical reel games, Everi showcased a new addition to its three-reel portfolio – the Player Classic Signature cabinet inspired by the 10-year highly successful Player Classic cabinet. While maintaining a classic look and feel, but built for the future, the new Player Classic Signature cabinet features a simplified four-button deck; clear digital touch meter panel for improved player ergonomics; and wider, more powerful spinning reels. A new integrated 21” monitor is positioned above the reels to convey more player messaging including pay tables that are interactive for additional player appeal as well as a higher-resolution, 28-inch top box monitor to improve game marketability.

Expanded Line-up of Thrilling New Premium Titles

Everi expands its library of original content for the high-performance Skyline Revolve cabinet

46 NOVEMBER 2021

with the debut of the American Wheel and Star Wheel stepper titles. The titles are follow-on themes to Cash Machine Jackpots and the award-winning Gold Standard Jackpots that combine the popular Win What You See gameplay with the win potential of the wheel. The Flex Fusion cabinet delivers a fully

featured banked product with synchronous gaming, lighting, and audio elements. Customers experienced the full entertainment experience of Flex Fusion with two new game families – Cashnado and Smokin’ Hot Stuff Wicked Wheel Fire & Ice. The Discovery Channel Shark Week theme is back with the launch of Shark Week Feeding Frenzy on the curved 4K displays of Everi’s Empire DCX cabinet. Also making its debut on the Empire DCX cabinet is the Outlander theme based on the hugely successful television series that spans the genres of history, science fiction, romance, and adventure in one amazing tale. The high-performing Empire Arena banked product this year will feature two new game families: Jackpot Falls and the Asian themed game Fu Lu Shou.

TournEvent Everiway

Five distinct enhancements - TournEvent Classic, TournEvent Now, TournEvent Winners Circle,TournEvent Cross Play and TournEvent Concierge – take the TournEvent platform, the industry’s most popular slot tournament, to the next level with new best-in-class features. Everi’s next iteration allows casino operators to significantly improve ease of player access to TournEventwhile driving increased revenue. This new platform adds flexibility with availability on

Everi’s dual-screen and portrait cabinets, while offering players the ability to self-register into a tournament through integration with Everi’s Trilogy loyalty platform.

Expanding Lineup of Standard Video Titles

The highly rated Empire Flex portrait cabinet debuted two new original innovative themes with Cha-Ching! and Money Line along with the Old West style Gold Hills Series and the Star Wild Series. Everi’s first cascading series Ultra Cascades will also be available exclusively on Empire Flex. Elsewhere, Everi wowed visitors with its

expanded ‘Digital Neighborhood’ of integrated fintech solutions. The Digital Neighborhood represents a complete suite of financial, casino loyalty and compliance products and services that bring commonality and continuity to operator workflows. The Digital Neighborhood suite demonstrates the company’s leadership position and highlights Everi’s ability to develop solutions that incorporate customer-centric features across loyalty, payments, and casino operations. “Our innovative financial technology and

loyalty solutions allow casino operators to greatly increase the efficiency of their casino, loyalty and compliance operations,” said Michael Rumbolz, Everi Chairman and CEO. “The newest iterations of our solutions on display at G2E, highlighted by our fully integrated ‘Digital Neighborhood’ portfolio, further build on Everi’s position as the industry’s FinTech leader and a strategic partner of choice for our customers across North America.”

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