G2E REVIEW It’s all about the games for AGS

With a G2E cast of dancing tiki men, lucky cats, chubby chickens, looming tigers, and vivid samurais, AGS was the booth to visit!


GS transported guests to an effortlessly cool metropolitan block party, where they could relax, reconnect, and rock-out while surrounded by dancing tiki men,

lucky cats, chubby chickens, looming tigers, and vivid samurais; these characters came from the company’s games making their debut in a robust product lineup for G2E, spanning Slots, Table Products, and online social and real money games. AGS President and Chief Executive Offi cer

David Lopez said: “For us, this year’s G2E was all about the games and the opportunity to reconnect. It’s been two years since our customers have come together for this event, so our emphasis was on products and the characters, which includes our energetic game characters as well as AGS’ own cast of team members. Gaming is meant to entertain and to be fun, and as customers entered our booth, they felt these themes permeate throughout. We also took the opportunity this year to be more streamlined and intentional in our showcase. The key takeaways for customers were the depth of content and eye-catching, fl exible confi gurations in our Slot business, the industry- leading progressives in our Tables division, and our growing game library in Interactive.” The AGS Slot showcase demonstrated a thoughtfully curated lineup of games and confi gurations for the Class II, Class III, historical horse racing, and international markets. Visitor highlights included:

Compelling New Configurations with Exciting Game Families

• A new in-line confi guration for the Orion Curve Premium platform, designed for elevated merchandising and social distancing, and featuring new titles: – Golden Catch, launching the Wild Catch family, which highlights AGS’ use of VSync technology to create a community-style experience on the 49-inch portrait monitors as sea life fl oats from one game to the next, delivering winning potential as they go.

– Player-selectable multi-denom Mega Boost games Wheel Charge and WheelCharred, offering an upgradeable boosting wheel, cash on reels, and rewarding free games.

40 NOVEMBER 2021

• A 360-degree overhead digital display and game-themed spacers for the Orion Curve Premium platform, boasting new Ultimate Choice Jackpots games Atlantis Riches and Pots O’Luck. These games feature an entertaining free games bonus with a persistent wild reel feature and exhilarating jackpot pick bonus.

Feature and Character-Rich Experiences on Starwall x Orion

• The debut of the Epic Reels family launching with stunning traditional Japanese art-style games Musha and Mouko. These titles feature a hold-and-win mechanic, dual wheel bonus, and enhanced synchronization with the Starwall.

• The Prize Stacks family will feature Tiki Jungle and Tiki Shores, two vibrant island-themed games. These two games offer frequent appearances by a fun-loving tiki man and stir up a buzz on the Starwall as cascading wins add anticipation and the reels grow during free games for potentially bigger wins.

In Table Products, the main products taking center stage were:

• The three-time award-winning Bonus Spin Xtreme progressive side bet system with a special spotlight on roulette. Showcasing its ability to connect and provide a single progressive jackpot for all table games, this innovative product has been a smash hit since launch. Customers saw how AGS has expanded the player universe by allowing integration onto community-style games like roulette, craps, and baccarat – a fi rst of its kind.

• AGS’ newest card shuffl er – the Pax S single-deck packet shuffl er. Designed for all specialty games, the sleek Pax S features sophisticated, secure card recognition technology and fi ts into existing table cutouts for ease of installation.

From AGS Interactive, highlights included:

• Proven AGS land-based game content that is performing well online, including Capital Gains, Fu Nan Fu Nu, Golden Wins, Jade Dragons, and Rakin’ Bacon!

• Now live in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ontario, and Quebec’s online markets, AGS game titles are available to i-Gaming operators across the globe.

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