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The art of asking the right questions

Over recent years there has been a significant shift to how we use and view the spaces in our home, knocking down walls have become the new norm in home design. The pandemic has only increased this shift, with families craving large multifunctional spaces. Our kitchen and living spaces have become more than a space to eat and relax; today, they are used throughout the day as workspaces for the whole family. For this reason, people need rooms that can accommodate a whole host of needs. At the beginning of any design project, it’s essential that the designer asks and fully understands how the customer plans to use their space. It’s also key to remember that kitchen furniture isn’t limited to the kitchen, it can be used to create a seamless living space that offers practical storage but also looks beautiful. Asking the right questions will always create a successful kitchen design.

Comment by Steve Tough, Commercial Sales Director, Masterclass

Storage is a modern bathroom essential

There’s no escaping the fact that, if anything, bathrooms are getting smaller rather than bigger. Most modern homes now have at least two of them, but the floor space hasn’t extended in keeping with this. Rather room has simply been found for extra bathrooms and cloakrooms, perhaps from an understairs cupboard or a corner of a bedroom. That makes storage a really crucial element of a bathroom’s design, and particularly so when coupled with the fact that we’re all spending more time at home these days and want our bathrooms to be luxurious, comfortable spaces in which to enjoy a little me-time. Clutter from toiletries, towels and even kids bath toys needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. This is why storage plays a vital role in the design of a bathroom and why retailers can expect the majority of their bathroom sales to feature some form of furniture.

Comment by Ben Bryden, Sales & Marketing Director, RAK Ceramics

Consumers can save water, energy and time with a specialist kitchen tap

Sustainability and energy efficiency continue to be important factors when consumers are considering what products to invest in for their homes. Consumers are increasingly aware of the energy saving benefits of a highly efficient appliance,

especially those who are working from home and boiling the kettle more often. Increased media exposure of environmental issues, alongside rising utility costs, has resulted in consumers being more willing to invest in a product if it can demonstrate long-term resource and financial savings. According to the Energy Saving Trust, 40 per cent of households boil the kettle at least four times a

day, with 75 per cent admitting to boiling more water than they need1; accounting for a significant amount of water and energy wasted every year. Consumers can save water, energy and time with a specialist kitchen tap. By instantly dispensing filtered steaming hot water, a specialist kitchen tap also eliminates the time lost waiting for the kettle to boil. 1Energy Saving Trust – At Home with Water

Comment by Kevin Carr, UK Sales Director, InSinkErator®




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