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INDUSTRY UPDATE Neoperl tailored tap aerators

Now you can tailor a taps performance to a given situation and dependent on usage. Here are the benefits of retrofitting an effective tap aerator. A tap aerator adds air to the water flow creating a soft stream that feels

plentiful and prevents splashing. A choice of flow shapes can be selected, and numerous models can be retrofitted to help save water. A Neoperl ‘Perlator Honeycomb’ aerator was initially designed to replace

the conventional wire mesh screens at the end of a taps spout, that were prone to damage and limescale build-up. It’s a retrofittable product available in most sizes and enabling a perfect stream even under low flow conditions. It reduces noise levels and has an anti-clogging dome screen that filters sediments and particles. The Cascade aerator followed offering a more robust design and with the option of Pressure Compensating (PCA) technology controlling the flow to help save water. More development then saw the launch of the Cascade Smart Limescale Clean (SLC) aerator which does not need to be removed for cleaning, the limescale can simply be rubbed away with a finger ensuring the tap stream remains straight and soft.

UWLA calls for bathroom industry to make water matter

message as world leaders committed to tackle climate change at the G7 summit in Carbis Bay last month. UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill says, “It was great to see that climate change


Mereway Bathrooms Ltd announces new appointment

Mereway Bathrooms Ltd is excited to announce the appointment of Ed Norris to National Sales and Development Manager. Ed will take up the position on 9th June. Ed, who until recently was

employed by the prestigious law firm, Eversheds Sutherland, will take responsibility for customer service, sales development and product innovation. Ed joins a respected and well-established Management Team, with a specific remit for driving growth in sales. Ed, as part of the Norris family,

has had much experience in the Mereway Group. During 2020 Ed spent some time working within Mereway Bathrooms developing key business strategy. He has also supported Mereway Kitchens in various projects in different departments over the years. Michelle Nokes, Managing Director of Mereway Bathrooms says, “as a

family business it is wonderful to see the next generation of the founding family taking an active role in the company. Ed embodies the ethos of Mereway, with honesty, integrity and the ability to confidently build positive relationships. I feel privileged to have Ed on my team and look forward to working with him towards an exciting future.”

was a major focus at the summit. The world leaders present committed to cut emissions and pledged to meet net zero emissions no later than 2050. “The bathroom industry can play its part in reducing CO2 by helping

people understand the link between using water wisely, and know that when we heat water in our homes, it has an impact on energy efficiency and our carbon footprint. Bathroom products are at the heart of water use in the home as over 60% of water used in the domestic environment is used in the bathroom, and 25% of energy used in the home is associated with heating hot water, with 18% of the UK carbon emissions emanating from the home. “If as an industry we promote the use of products that carry the Unified

Water Label consumers can then make an informed choice about the bathroom products they select for their homes. With many manufacturers offering smart technology products that deliver good performance but use less water and energy, there is plenty of choice and no need to experience any loss in performance. “There is a growing demand from consumers for these products,

repeated research into bathroom buying habits has highlighted that consumers would be positively influenced to buy products if they had more information about water efficiency. Results showed that more than 80% of respondents said that water efficiency was quite or very important when purchasing a WC or a shower, yet almost 40% were not made aware of how much water the products would use. This clearly shows that there is an opportunity for the industry to make this information more readily available. “Our #dontforgettheplug marketing campaign is addressing this

message. Together the industry can help consumers make the link between water, energy and carbon issues, understand more about how much water they use, and promote the benefits of reducing water wastage.” You can find a directory of products and more about the Unified Water Label by visiting the website

BKU JULY 2021 37

he Unified Water Label Association, (UWLA) has urged the bathroom industry to support its Water Matters

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