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Introducing Artist – the captivating new furniture collection by Crosswater


nterlacing exceptional style with undeniable function, Crosswater is

proud to announce the launch of its stunning new Artist collection. Combining innovative design with the latest bathroom aesthetics, this new range sets the benchmark for

contemporary furniture design – ensuring high-quality storage solutions for bathrooms of all styles and sizes. Featuring a truly differentiated design,

customers can choose from three different sizes in four finishes - Onyx Black, Cashmere Matt, Storm Grey and Matt White. With the option to be installed as a wall-hung unit or assembled with coordinating legs, Artist provides striking solutions to suit every preference. Finished with a signature solid Oak worktop, the new Artist collection is the epitome of luxury. In addition to being completely diverse, the

Artist worktop and beech veneer legs are produced from sustainable sources and are specially formulated with an anti-UV varnish to protect the wood from fading. The unique nature of the real wood means that homeowners can achieve a completely natural appearance that will last for years to come. Crosswater also offers a breadth of countertop

or semi-inset basin options to pair with the furniture units alongside matching Artist towel warmers, back-lit mirrors and WC furniture units to create a unified and cohesive scheme. The units can be further complemented with two or four section dividers, ensuring a completely organised space for everyday bathroom essentials.

Whether paired with natural stone

backdrops or characterful ornate tiles, Artist will sit perfectly into place, acting as the centrepiece of any contemporary or classic bathroom interior.

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Ambiance Bain – Fitted or Modular Bathroom Furniture? W

ith so many options available, choosing bathroom furniture can

be quite difficult. The first decision is whether modular or fitted furniture is more suitable. Modular is very popular, as it’s easy to choose

individual units to fit the size and shape of your bathroom. However, for a more individual look then custom fitted furniture gives a tailored finish for the entire room. Ambiance Bain have a huge selection of both modular and fitted furniture in an array of colours

and finishes, allowing you to mix and match to create stunning, fit for purpose bathrooms. Some of our modular furniture even gives the

fitted furniture impression, but is still easy to install with complete flexibility. You can put together numerous options of basin, tall, wall and WC units then add finishing touches such as matching bath panels or a co-ordinated shower space along with mirrors and lighting delivering a bespoke solution. One thing both modular and fitted furniture have in common is they both provide excellent

storage solutions whilst hiding some of the unsightly pipework which is a necessity in every bathroom. Fitted furniture might need a little more

planning but wins over by maximising every available space. Using matching filler panels and plinths, cut to size, Ambiance Bain can even make bespoke matching window sills and cupboard doors making a bathroom completely unique.

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