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BLANCO's DIVON - the perfect stainless steel model for today's busy kitchen

IXMO Shower series by KEUCO

KEUCO’s IXMO shower series offers an extensive range of functions; which have been efficiently combined to enable specifiers, designers and consumers to create a stylish shower area with the minimum number of visible components. IXMO’s unique combination of functions

include a 3-way diverter valve, a hose connection and a bracket for the hand shower have all been combined into one; or the depth- compensator which ensures fast and safe installation and makes it possible to install IXMO showers into walls with depths between 80- 110mm allowing for building methods both new and old. The star series is the IXMO solo thermostat.

Created for single function showering it surpasses conventional thermostats as the ‘solo’ compresses the shut-off valve, thermostat and hose connection into one single element. IXMO shower fittings are available in six

different finishes; chrome-plated, aluminium and PVD stainless steel, brushed bronze, brushed nickel and brushed black chrome.

Today, the kitchen sink must be multi-functional and durable; and accessories, waste disposal units and matching taps should be accessible for all ranges. Aesthetics are all important too as people spend more time in their kitchens; and stainless steel sinks enjoy just as much design prowess as the newer materials. One example is BLANCO's DIVON sink which makes a striking addition to any workspace area. It is a beautifully shaped sink with clean lines and a geometric look. The straight-lined bowls feature an elegant 10mm corner radius so that all kitchen schemes can be accommodated. BLANCO's covered C-overflow™ and InFino® strainer complete the simple look and make for easy maintenance.

The DIVON, which features a large bowl and flat usable base, comes in three models and the large bowl can be situated on either the left or the right.

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New award-winning brochure sets for VitrA bathroom collections

VitrA Bathrooms has published a new library of award-winning stylish print brochures. For both their Bathroom Collection and their Designer Collection, the company has produced one for the end-user. Another is a complete technical guide for retailers and specifiers. 77Each brochure offers an easy, instinctive journey through the best bathroom product design. The consumer brochure is peppered with style and design recommendations, sizes, prices, and suggestions for complementing ideas and products. Available in print and online, the design of VitrA's brochures has been recognised with an award for Best Catalogue Creative & Print Production Partnership – awarded by the Direct Commerce Association to VitrA Bathrooms and its creative agency commissioned for the project Mark- Making* Margaret Talbot, marketing manager for VitrA

in the UK and Europe, explains, "These brochures are a step change in bathroom marketing tools,

Reginox is excited to unveil its latest sink – the Hampton

The Hampton is a granite sink and joins Reginox’s already impressive best-selling, industry leading portfolio of granite sinks. This new sink is manufactured in a new and

improved material finish that has a more natural feel and textured finish, giving the appearance and touch of a durable product while still being available at an affordable price. The Hampton is available in both single bowl and bowl and a half configuration and also comes

10 BKU JULY 2021

with a slightly revised, updated drainer profile. Hampton is exclusively available in black, grey,

white and cream. For more information on Reginox contact the company or alternatively visit the website.

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each is a detailed and inspirational bathroom guide for consumers, designers and importantly our retailers. This suite, complemented by online formats along with a range of videos, aims to provide maximum support for anyone interested in bathrooms for themselves or their customer."

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