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Flawless furniture is key to good bathroom design


urniture is one of the key foundations for a strong bathroom design. Along

with the bath and shower, it is arguably one of the most used areas in the space and because of this, special attention needs to be paid to the details to ensure that it maximises style potential but also serves its practical purpose. To accommodate the demand for

Comment by Ash Chilver Sales Director, HiB

personalisation, bathroom furniture manufacturers are increasing their offering of different options to suit individual style and requirements. Along with having a choice of wash basins or vessel basins with countertops to accompany wall hanging or floor standing vanity units, consumers can now choose from drawers or shelving as well as range of brassware and handles. These crucial elements to the overall arrangement of the furniture are becoming available in wider variety of finishes such as black, chrome and brushed brass, to complement fixtures in other areas of the bathroom.

By extending these finishes across the space,

designers can create more consistency in the overall look and make a bold statement that runs through the space. The finishes used in the brassware and handles

can even be extended into mirrors and cabinets that are installed above the furniture unit. For example, the HiB Solstice mirror in brushed brass is an eye-catching feature that matches the Atlas brassware range in the same finish and HiB Dusk cabinet offers a stunning black frame to complement black brassware and accessories. When all these pieces come together and are

viewed as a complete look, having all the details matching can create a cohesive design that demonstrates a high level of finish and is pleasing to the eye. Considering this finished look from the start of the design can ensure that the whole bathroom reinforces the same theme, creating a space that unique, functional and flawlessly stylish.

Transform HiB’s Tranquil compact bathroom range with new choice of handles

Tranquil range to offer a new range of quality chamfer handles. Available in chrome, black and brushed brass


finishes, the chamfer handles are available as an optional alternative to the standard chrome handle included in the furniture range. Offering more flexibility and style options, the

new chamfer handles complement Tranquil’s white and anthracite compact bathroom furniture

eading bathroom supplier HiB Novum has extended the popular

and Link unit finishes, creating a modern and fresh aesthetic. Ash Chilver, Sales Director at HiB said: “The

new chamfer handles give customers more choice to transform their Tranquil unit and create a look with a touch of personality. The Tranquil range already offers a unique opportunity for customisation, thanks to the Link open storage solution which expands the combinations of the Tranquil unit to over 30 possible configurations. We wanted to extend this personalisation even

further with a choice of handles and brassware finishes. The new chamfer handles really enhance the look of the range and offer more style flexibility as well as being functional.” To find out more about the HiB Novum

Tranquil range, Link and the new chamfer handles, visit furniture-range/ where you can also see the latest brochure.

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