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A personalised approach I

ndividuality and personalisation have been very prominent in all aspects of

design for some time. The pandemic has fuelled this even further, and now specific trends are difficult to define as consumers become more confident in their own style and preference. Over the last 18 months, we have all spent

much more time at home. As a result, people are focused on creating spaces that fit into their everyday lives, and are looking for surfaces that are stylish, yet functional. Woodgrain, stone and marble designs are

Comment by Elliott Fairlie

Head of Decor and Design Management, EGGER UK

extremely popular as consumers seek designs with natural elements. Known as the cocooning effect, people are creating warm, cosy environments by selecting designs that have a strong connection to nature. Solid surface worktops can blow the budget, but a great alternative is a realistic laminate

worktop. Hygienic and durable, state-of-the-art technology offers designs and textures almost indistinguishable from the original material. It can be challenging to pull together a one size

fits all range that does not over overwhelm the customer with choice. However, by offering a carefully considered range of decors, available in multiple product types, brings flexibility. Matching materials is a huge trend as people look to create impact by selecting one decor for all design elements, or by creating matching accents. With so much to consider, it is more important

than ever for retailers to offer guidance and support to their customers. By using digital visualisation tools, in store point of sale, brochures and swatches, retailers can easily assist with individual projects. Not only does this help customers bring their ideas to life, but also puts them in control of creating their own bespoke design ideas.”

EGGER – One stop worktop shop E

GGER’s distinctive, design led worktop collection offers everything

you need from one source. All 34 laminate worktops are hardwearing, hygienic, easy to care for, and come in a range of realistic woodgrain and material finishes. From walnut and oak, to concrete and marble, there is a worktop to suit every interior including

kitchens, bathrooms, offices and retail spaces. Matching upstands, splashbacks and edging are available in all decors to create a coordinated finish. They are a stylish alternative to tiling as they require no grouting and are simple to look after and maintain. Available in 16mm, 25mm and 38mm and in

two profiles, the collection also includes a range of worktop fitting tools and accessories.

A bespoke sealant and adhesive, EGGERSeal, is

colour matched to all worktop decors offering a seamless and waterproof finish. EGGERSeal is included in the worktop installation kits alongside jointing biscuits, bolts and a fitting guide. Other installation tools include wooden batons, a jig, metal traverses, and a 290ml EGGERSeal cartridge. By fitting an EGGER worktop with EGGERSeal,

and in conjunction with the EGGER worktop fitting guide, the worktop will be installed securely, and guaranteed for 10 years. Available from a wide network of distributors

across the UK and Ireland. For more information, please visit 16 BKU JULY 2021

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