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INDUSTRY VIEWS Colour Change Cycle

One of the design cycles that’s taken many years to return is the demand for coloured bathroom fixtures, most latterly in shower enclosures profiles, but this time with a difference. Over the past decade the choice of products for the bathroom has grown

hugely allowing colour and texture choices across all fittings, like the resurgence in coloured tap and showering control finishes. Chrome was the top seller for a long time but today you are as likely to see Brushed Nickel, White, Brass, Gold, Black and even Rose Gold as the choices of on trend finishes expand. Due to the link between bathroom brassware and shower enclosure wall

profile finishes, these are now available in different coloured finishes too, a trend that is forecast to grow rapidly during the 2020’s. The difference this time round however is the ability to change individual products without having to rip out the whole bathroom and this is being considered at the design stage. Look out for shower profiles that are sold separately to the glass allowing them to be changed for another colour easily at a later date.

Comment by Nick Graville, Sales & Marketing Director, Kudos British Made Products

Now more than ever, consumers are looking to purchase products that are manufactured in the UK. Due to the more controlled manufacturing environment and the high-quality British made products offer, there is a sense of satisfaction and additional peace of mind that comes with a British made product purchase. In the bathroom industry products made in the UK have a high quality craftmanship that means it is a long-lasting investment for individuals renovating their bathroom space. At Trojan, we are extremely proud of our Yorkshire heritage and

continue to manufacture high quality acrylic baths from our 3 sites in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Expand your showroom’s potential with digital technology

Comment by David Mosley, Managing Director, Trojan

Finding space to add new ranges to your showroom is often a challenge and particularly so when you really want to show a lot of choice. Most manufacturer’s collections will offer a variety of washbasins, for example, perhaps in a range of sizes, shapes or even different colours. But unless your showroom is a Tardis, doing this justice can be really tricky. This is where adding a digital element really pays off. Ultimately, consumers want to be presented with lots of choice; it makes them feel empowered, helps them approach the design of their new bathroom creatively and even helps you upsell. With technology like virtual reality and augmented reality it really doesn’t matter about the square footage of your showroom. It gives you the freedom to present literally hundreds of products digitally and the consumer the freedom to choose.

Comment by Nathan MacLean, Managing Director, Virtual Worlds

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