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Introducing Alloy Splashbacks from Bushboard Uniquely designed with safety in mind


lloy splashbacks have arrived! Leading worksurfaces supplier, Bushboard,

is pleased to introduce Alloy, a collection of completely fire-safe aluminium, kitchen splashback panels. Bringing a new and practical solution to the

market, Alloy splashbacks are 100% fire-safe and heat-proof and can be installed across the entire width of the kitchen for an uninterrupted design that can’t safely be achieved with other decorative materials such as wood or acrylic. Alloy’s splashback panels are a no-fuss, on trend alternative to tiles that is fire retardant, waterproof, scratch resistant and easy to fit. Advocating statement patterns in the kitchen as towards tile effects and abstract

trends shift

patterns, Alloy’s range of 12, on trend, patterned, aluminium splashbacks can be used wall- to-wall or simply as a hob panel to create a stylish aesthetic without compromising on quality, functionality, or safety. Alloy also offers an easy-fit solution that is suitable across contract, residential, commercial, and other kitchen project applications. A completely diverse range of styles all with safety front of mind means there is a perfect design

for every project. Taking cues from the latest interior design trends: from intricate marble designs, to striking herringbone tiles and warming walnut, Alloy has been designed to happily complement any kitchen space, be it contemporary or traditional. Additionally, Alloy’s splashback panels’ fire-proof

credentials meet the European standards for fire safety in the home. Product Manager for Worktops at Bushboard, Caroline Elliott explains; “Tiles have been popular for a number of years as a splashback solution as they are safe behind a hob but also fill the wall space with continuous design. The drawback of tiles is not only the installation but the maintenance, no one wants to scrub food stains from grout in their kitchen. The other alternative is a stainless steel or glass panel, but these solutions come with their own cleaning issues as well as breaking up the design aesthetic in the kitchen. Alloy splashbacks enable safety behind the hob and allow the customer to fill the wall space with a decorative design that is easy to clean and durable.” Straightforward to install and maintain,

Alloy allows for various installation methods to

ensure you achieve your desired look with the options to install a hob panel only, join panels together to create a wall-to-wall splashback, and fit with a butt joint or trim finish. Alloy designs are available in a regular rise, mid-rise and high-rise height, making it easy to tailor the products to suit the dimensions of the space. It has never been simpler to upgrade the kitchen: just cut the panels to the required shape and size with a circular saw and install using Complete Adhesive and a variety of Alloy profile trims. To maintain and retain the decorative finish, simply wipe clean with a gentle household cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth. Alloy launch kits are available now! Alloy

splashbacks are available now as a range of twelve beautiful decors, and as part of Bushboard’s Options and Omega ranges. To claim your free countertop stand and display, please call the Bushboard team on 01933 232272.

u01933 232272

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