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BMA – We need action to reduce water consumption


hree years on from the launch of the national 25 year Environment Plan, there are changes to be made to

realise the ambition of ‘clean and plentiful water and a cleaner, greener country for all’. The Bathroom Manufacturers Association is using its collective voice to press Government, retailers and the public to take action to drive down water consumption. We know from the recently released progress report, we are heading in

the right direction, with consumption down to 141 litres per person per day in terms of domestic water use. But there’s still a long way to go if we’re to avoid routine water shortages in the years to come. Reducing the

Ideal Bathrooms – Three reasons why the bathroom world needs to delve into digital


n the past 18 months, as the world locked down, for many businesses the only way to continue working was virtually. The Ideal Bathrooms Industry Report 2020, undertaken in partnership

with BKU, found that 61 per cent of respondents had increased their use of digital technology during the course of the pandemic. But why is a digital presence still important as life gets back to normal?

To be seen Websites and social media are two key ways for potential customers to find out about businesses. The first place most people look for anything now is on Google, so if you don’t appear in the first page of results, you’re not going to be found.

To be social Another advantage to a digital presence, social media in particular, is the ability to engage with an audience. Sites such as Facebook and Instagram offer a direct route to customers,

as well as an interactive space to communicate – and they’re totally free to use.

To sell While most Industry Report respondents had a website and social media, there was one aspect in which many lag behind – e-commerce. An e-commerce site can open up a whole new market for retailers –

literally. With no geographical boundaries, the country is their oyster. To keep up with their competitors, it’s vital that bathroom retailers are not left behind when it comes to moving forward.

energy and water demands in our 27 million homes is crucial to achieving our national environmental goals and manufacturers are a key stakeholder in this endeavour. At BMA we take a

proactive approach, lobbying policymakers to join the dots between water efficiency and the climate crisis, and to recognise this will impact every bathroom in the country. Firstly, we are

25 Year Environment Plan Progress Report

January 2018 to March 2019


campaigning to show consumers how simple steps can make a massive impact in reducing domestic water waste. By checking their toilets for leaks, they can make a big difference. Our dedicated webpage gives clear guidance on what to look out for. Secondly, retailers and merchants can do their bit by displaying

information on the Unified Water Label in a prominent place, to give consumers the information on the best water efficient products to buy. Thirdly, Government has a big role to play in addressing water efficiency

in all our homes. To do this, schemes to incentivise the installation of the most water efficient products should be created, and the National Retrofit Strategy produced by the Construction Leadership Council needs to be adopted.

Tom Reynolds Chief Executive, Bathroom Manufacturers Association

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38 BKU JULY 2021

u For more information visit or contact BMA on 01782 631619 or email

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