Monitor Audio reveals seventh generation of Silver Series loudspeakers

Featuring a brand new, contemporary design in a choice of five finishes, numerous acoustic innovations and a model line-up extensive enough to cater for every music and home cinema requirement – comes the acclaimed Silver Series.

The design is crisp, clean and distinctive. The

available finishes are high-gloss black lacquer, equally distinctive satin white, or a choice of three real-wood veneers: Ash, Natural Walnut and Black Oak. Every model, from the Silver 50 7G and Silver 100

7G bookshelf/standmount speakers, through the Silver 200 7G, Silver 300 7G and Silver 500 7G floorstanders, to the home cinema-specific Silver C250 7G centre channel, Silver FX 7G rear surround speakers and Silver AMS 7G Dolby Atmos enabled speaker, is a result of performance-led design. And each one features fresh, original engineering to deliver class-leading sound. The new C-CAM gold dome tweeter design features a new Uniform Dispersion Waveguide II for

lifelike treble reproduction. The new RST II mid-range and mid/bass drivers feature a more rigid profile, with its new hexagonal dimpled structure just one indicator of the changes to the cone and geometry structure that result in smooth, low-distortion sound. Every seventh generation Silver Series loudspeaker

features new driver trims, minimising the appearance of the driver surround and creating a harmonious look. Every floorstander is supplied with outrigger feet with spun metal trims, developed for absolute stability on carpeted or hard floors. There’s also the new Monitor Audio Silver Series 7G logo on the speakers as well.

2go/2yu adds streaming to home audio systems

Kent-based Chord Electronics is now shipping its first-ever network bridge, the 2go/2yu, effectively enabling music lovers to easily add a combined streamer/server to home audio systems. The 2go/2yu combination offers high-resolution

streaming from both wired Ethernet and wireless sources (using 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi or A2DP Bluetooth), including popular music streaming services such as Qobuz and Tidal. In addition to streaming, 2go’s two times 2TB-

rated SD card slots also enable the 2go/2yu combo as an audiophile-grade music server, with library storage for up to 4TB of music.

The 2yu securely connects to 2go, adding optical, S/PDIF coaxial and BNC (50 and 75 ohms,

Smeg launches new Area Induction Hob

Utilising Smeg’s VIVO screen technology, the new state-of-the-art Area Induction Hob is the brand’s most intelligent hob to date, providing users with total freedom when cooking. “The Area Hob is a game changer within the

induction hob market,” the company said. Thoughtfully designed down to every small detail, it can cook a multitude of dishes at one time on different timers so you can whip up meals to the utmost perfection. The Area hob can heat up to 12 pots of differing

sizes, with no predetermined cooking zones, down to pans as small as 9cm. Simply place your pans where

convenient and the Autopot detection function will automatically recognise the position of the pots throughout the hob, saving you from having to fuss with adjusting the temperature settings or heating a new cooking zone – leaving you more time to focus on the food itself. It also offers four pre-set settings for warming, simmering, boiling, and cooking. With intelligent Follow Pot technology, there are 38

sensors to help recognise each individual pan, follow it around the hob whilst maintaining the initial settings. For ultimate control, the induction system allows for each and every pot to have its own timer and up to 17 power levels.

In addition, Smeg’s recently-launched cookware

pans are induction hob safe, making it the perfect cooking set to use on the Area Hob.

respectively) digital outputs, plus a cleverly integrated, highly flexible USB-A output giving a wide range of connectivity options ready to connect to DACs or DAC-equipped devices. The 2go/2yu combination is readily updatable

with over-the-air firmware updates and ships with Chord Electronics’ latest 2go update. The 2go/2yu combination is easily controllable

using any one of several popular UPnP control point apps for both Android and iOS devices. Chord Electronics’ own Gofigure configuration adds additional set up convenience, management features and a library playback option.

September 2021


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