September 2021


Q: Do you involve your retail partners in your social and community projects? DF: We find the smaller independents are delighted to be involved in our activities; they have a niche and loyal customer base anyway so it’s really personal when it comes from them. We’re often running competitions and campaigns with our smaller dealers to help get people excited about our brand. For us with our social activities, we don’t

necessarily tell people where to buy our products, we’re just simply making noise about the brand. Consumers know how to use Google if they want to find something. The big multiple retailers are buying up Google ad space to make sure they’re top of the results for the word ‘kettle’, for example. But as a manufacturer we just try and help consumers find their nearest place to buy Swan products! We recently launched on Shopify on TikTok,

and we are the only housewares brand on that for sure, but I feel like others are missing a massive trick because it is so engaging. Social media is just advertising for the 21st

Century. There are so many ways to promote yourselves these days and all content is subjective, you just need to find your groove. Social media content moves along extremely quickly; posts will last a matter of hours online before they become old. So putting stuff out regularly is essential, but also reviewing the success of it.

Q: What are your plans moving forward? DF: Influencers are really important for us now. We have got plans afoot to try and launch ranges with key influencers. They are social media’s

celebrities for the modern day and the beauty is that they have got highly engaged audiences. We are also putting a range together with Lynsey

Queen Of Clean, launching ahead of Spring next year which we are really excited about it. As I touched on before, the problem we’ve had

recently is new product development. So we are not just putting product ranges together and hoping that they work, we’re actually using our research and feedback from our communities to give people what they want. You have to be on the front foot and you have to be proactive and I think we have executed our strategy in a really great way.

Consumers are all about experiences these days.

No one makes a big thing about going shopping anymore because people shop in so many different ways now. It’s said time and again, but the in-store experience is definitely the future of retail. I would love to try a pop up Swan store in a

city centre to offer something different for consumers. It’s not even about them buying products there and then, it’s just about the touch and the feel and the positive engagement. Social activity goes hand-in-hand with something like this, with lots of pictures online and creating a real buzz around the store. Retail is not dead, it just needs a bit of reinventing.

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