September 2021

And then there’s the 2021 TV line-up, of course;

some 30 new models with a modern aesthetic and distinct design cues extending across the range. The hero for this year is the KBL 4K Smart Near- Borderless series (seen left). Like most other manufacturers, the past 18

months have put Mitchell & Brown through testing times; however, its proactive approach with stock ordering meant the company didn’t suffer and in fact it even brought new dealers on board. “Stock shortages have been very tough,”

explains Dan Brown, Mitchell & Brown’s Director of Operations, “but we have been in weekly contact with Vestel HQ since the beginning of the pandemic and we’ve been in a strong position that has ensured we have been able to supply our loyal retailers.” Sales Director, Rob Greenlees, adds that new

dealers were having issues with other manufacturers elsewhere so they turned to Mitchell & Brown for help. “We’ve done installations and TV displays in

some stores to develop their offering further and this has given us some new business, which has been fantastic.” Mr Brown continues: “It’s certainly been a very

challenging time, but we rise to the occasion, we work harder and that is something we’ve always had instilled in us.”


Q: So tell us about some of your latest products? Dan Brown: We’ve always had a good range of products at a good quality standard, but this year we decided to go a step further when we introduced the KBL range; available in 43, 50 and 55-inch screen sizes, with its ultra-modern design, super-slim bezel surround and the chrome finish, the TV looks absolutely stunning. The crisp, Ultra HD screens use the latest Dolby

HDR LED technology that will smoothly upscale even standard definition sources to make the most of its 4K resolution screen. And there’s Freeview HD and a host of Wi-Fi connected services,

including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Freeview Play, YouTube and Alexa voice control. Not only this, but the 50 and 55-inch versions

are backed by a premium sound system with a built-in subwoofer, which offers deeper bass and it sounds fantastic. Everyone has been so impressed with this addition. For those with slightly smaller spaces, we also

offer a selection of smaller screen TVs for stand or wall-mounting, coming with Freeview HD and also with and without built-in DVD players. We are really happy with this year’s range and

we’re really proud of it. We listen to our customers all the time to hear their comments and ideas, and we took these on board with this latest range.

But of course it doesn’t stop there, we are

always looking to improve; since we started five years ago we can see how our ranges have developed so much over that time. Rob Greenlees: Technology is moving at a very fast pace. Granted, our current smart platform is missing one or two apps; for example a few customers have said they would like access to Disney +. But with the might of Vestel behind us we are

lucky to have a very big R&D department constantly working in the background on the next generation of technology. So with the next batch of KBL TVs we are moving over to Android and we’ll be right up there with other manufacturers in terms of the user interface and whole TV platform.

>> Pictured: The smart DVD TV range. Above: The KBL Near-Borderless Series. 19

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