September 2021


Morphy Richards gets steamy with new launches

garment care brand to have shown real value growth year-on-year. As life slowly returns to normal, garment care is a sector that is poised for


a comeback and Morphy Richards is ready to take full advantage. Hot on the heels of the brand’s runaway success in cordless ironing with the easyCharge 360, Morphy’s design team have been working hard on further innovations for the sector. So, what does the garment care team have up its sleeve next? Charlie

Stafford, Consumer Marketing Manager for Garment Care Appliances at Morphy Richards, explains the brand’s thinking: “This is a sector which doesn’t tolerate ‘gizmos’ that serve no purpose. True innovation must be consumer focused, making the user’s life better or easier and saving them time. “Our product development team are focused on rigorous testing and

continuous development, always trying to solve consumer problems with innovation. I also think there is a growing need for appliances to be more durable and reliable, as consumers become more aware of sustainability and reducing waste. And, of course, alongside all of this, the appliance must look good.” The outcome of this approach to innovation is the new additions to the

Morphy Richards Turbosteam collection, which features three of its most powerful steam irons to date.

Turbo powered Turbo by name and turbo by nature, the irons in the collection offer up to 55g of steam output plus an extra steam boost shot of 200g. The Turbosteam, Turbosteam Pro, and Turbosteam Pro with IntelliTemp, feature between 2,800w to 3,100w power and all models have a heat up time of less than 45 seconds. All the irons have a Pristine Finish Ceramic Soleplate which helps them

glide effortlessly over all types of fabric and keeps clothes looking like new for longer, with no snags, burns or irritating iron imprints. The Turbosteam Pro model comes with additional digital controls to

change between settings at the touch of a button, while the technology on the Turbosteam Pro with IntelliTemp automatically selects the optimum

lthough the SDA market has experienced strong growth in the last year, there has been one notable exception – garment care. Sales of irons have declined and yet, despite this challenging landscape, in the 12 months to June 2021 Morphy Richards was the only

temperature for all fabrics, meaning there is no need to switch between settings. Going from denim to silk in seconds, the iron offers the ultimate responsive control. All the new Turbosteam irons come with an ‘auto shut-off’ safety feature

as standard and have been rigorously tested in the UK for more than 1,000 hours. In fact, the brand is so confident about the quality and durability of the new appliances that it has launched all three models with a market- leading guarantee of four years. Additional features include a soft touch handle, EasyStore cable clip and

an easy view water window, plus an extra-long three-metre cable. Mr Stafford continues: “2020 and the start of 2021 have been a challenging

time for the garment care market. Consumers have spent much less time socialising or in the workplace, reducing their usage of garment care products. Workwear was swapped for loungewear and, as a result, ironing was not a priority. In the year to April 2021, the UK steam irons market shrunk £9m to £64.5m (v. the previous 12 months). “However, through continued innovation we bucked the trend and

became the only major garment care brand to show growth during this period. As 2021 progresses, we can already see improvements in the market and we believe these launches put us in a prime position to build on previous success. “The new Turbosteam irons are as our most powerful range of steam irons

that we have brought to market, making them the perfect combination of performance and quality. We ultimately want to deliver appliances that not only make life and ironing easier for consumers, but that also help to protect their clothes and have the reassurance of a product that is reliable.”

Retailers interested in stocking these products can call Gareth Wood on 0771 4233632.

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