September 2021

“Whirlpool has a longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability, extending much further than just the products that we manufacture,” comments Ian Moverley, Public Affairs Director, Whirlpool UK. “Our vision of improving life at home is based not only on the four walls around us, and the communities in which we live, but on the planet that sustains us too.” In May, the company made a global

At Hoover, there is a wide range of energy efficient laundry, dishwashers and cooling products to suit individuals’ needs. For example, the H-WASH 500 washing machine range has an energy rating of ‘A’, which is the highest available rating in the market.. Each model is fitted with an Eco-Power

Motor, which is 42 per cent more efficient than an AC Motor. The machine has a quieter spin and is more energy efficient. Users are able to monitor the performance of their appliance through the award winning hOn app, too, which is a very useful tool for those who are mindful of their own carbon footprint. “We are also currently working on launching

an updated version of the range, which we’re aiming to launch in 2022,” Product Marketing Manager, Ben Peach, reveals to ERT. “The market is becoming more sensitive to

the needs of energy efficiency and consumers are more aware of the benefits that efficient appliances can offer. During the purchase journey, the energy usage, noise rating and energy rating are all now becoming major considerations for consumers. “As a company we are always striving to

have the most energy efficient machines on the market; the recent energy label change saw us launch around 50 per cent of our range with an ‘A’ rating.” Hoover is always engaging with other

sustainable ways of working, such as recyclable packaging and using less waste on our machines. The company has also introduced a tool

on its website which helps people to understand the running costs of their products so they can better understand any price differentials and work out the true cost of the appliance over a set period. Clever, and informative.

Miele’s PerfectFresh Active refrigeration technology keeps ingredients fresh for up to five times longer --by spraying a fine mist waterfall on to the contents of the PerfectFresh drawer in the fridge. This preserves the quality of the food and its vitamins, helping combat food waste. The German brand’s new eco-friendly

dishwashers are clever, too. As well as automatically recognising half loads and adjusting the temperature, amount of water and alignment of water jets accordingly, and overall they use as little as six litres of water to clean a full load. Along with 16 Miele washing machines,

12 Miele dishwashers have been awarded the Which? Eco Buy accolade, the first of its kind to scrutinise the sustainability of appliances and highlight products that will have the smallest environmental impact while still doing their job well. Says Rebecca Moisley from Miele GB:

“We will be launching new sustainable appliances in the months ahead and will release information about these soon.

“Sustainability is an integral part of

Miele’s DNA and we are committed to our core values of craftsmanship, performance and sustainability. All products are designed for long-lasting performance, which makes an important counterpoint to a throwaway culture.” Ms Moisley says Miele tests appliances

for a 20-year lifespan where possible, being put through gruelling endurance and load tests “that are unparalleled in the industry”, she points out. “For the endurance tests of our

washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers we have taken a typical program cycle portfolio, corresponding to 20 years of normal household use and sum up to 5,000 cycles for washing machines and tumble dryers and 5,600 cycles for dishwashers.” On the point of climate change, Ms

Moisley adds that Miele is rising to its responsibilities and from 2021 onwards it will be CO2 neutral across all its locations.

commitment to reach net zero emissions in its plants and operations by 2030, covering over 30 of its manufacturing sites and large distribution centres around the world, including the UK. This target will be met through the installation of wind turbines and solar panels, entry into Virtual Power Purchase Agreements with energy companies to fund wind and solar farms, and investing in LEDs and Energy Management Systems to improve energy efficiency in plants and facilities. When it comes to product development,

it is investing in innovations that automate water levels, utilise cold water settings as default and auto-dose detergent dispensing to reduce the environmental impact of its products.

The freestanding Whirlpool Supreme

Clean dishwasher, for example, boasts an efficient ‘C’ energy rating and low noise output of 41 dB(A). With 6TH SENSE technology,

the wash cycle is

automatically adjusted depending on the level of soiling, saving up to 50 per cent on energy and water. Furthermore, NaturalDry automatically opens the door by 10 cm during the drying phase, offering improved drying performance and saving energy consumption. Then there’s the FreshCare+ 9kg washing

machine, also with 6TH SENSE technology and the new Steam Refresh feature, which penetrates fibres in the garments, freshening up the user’s laundry in just 20 minutes, removing odours and reducing creasing.


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