Over at Hotpoint, there is another set of eco-friendly white goods on offer, such as the ActiveCare heat pump tumble dryer. Youreko (an energy savings tool) has given this appliance a gold rating for energy savings and praised it for being highly efficient with ultra-low running costs. “Using laundry appliances with a greater

capacity less frequently has a positive effect on the environment,” explains Hotpoint’s Brand Manager, Kimberley Garner, “as fewer and larger wash loads save water, electricity and detergent. UK consumers are fairly good at this with 69 per cent doing the laundry when the basket is full.” A new premium range of washing


machines is coming to the market, Ms Garner tells ERT. The new 9kg ‘A’ rated GentlePower washing machine is said to save consumers up to 65 per cent energy, 59 per cent water and 30 per cent detergent. Impressive! GentlePower technology is a clean

water-recirculation system that evenly sprays water and detergent from the top of the drum onto the load of laundry.

Compared to releasing water and detergent inside the drum before being heated, this ensures the minimum amount of energy and water is used. Continues Ms Garner: “A study recently

found that 68 per cent of UK consumers think about the impact that the chore of doing the laundry can have on the environment. We always recommend that consumers make the most of clever appliance technology to maximise efficiency and think about the small changes to live more sustainably.” In refrigeration, Hotpoint is increasing

awareness of the global issue of food waste. Ms Garner adds: “Our refrigeration appliances include our Food Care System – a combination of technologies that ensure ideal food preservation.” Active Oxygen technology removes

odours from the fridge to keep bacteria at bay, MultiCool Flow ensures a constant and uniform airflow in the refrigerator, plus Ultra Fresh Zone+ sealed drawer preserves the freshness of fruit and vegetables for up to 15 days.

David Palmer, Product Specialist

Home Appliances at LG Electronics, comments that with the launch of the new EU Energy Relabelling system, a new standard of eco efficiency for UK home appliances hit

the market.

“Manufacturers will now need to work harder and place sustainability higher up their agenda if they’re to create products that are awarded in the ‘A’ and ‘B’ categories,” he says. “It is this commitment that has led to LG

products being amongst the only products in Europe to receive ‘A’ ratings in the new system, in line with our aggressive Zero Carbon 2030 initiative, committing to achieving net-zero carbon emissions from our global operations within nine years.” Mr Palmer goes on: “We feel it’s our

Elsewhere in the refrigeration market, in August this year LG launched its latest InstaView Door-in-Door fridges; these help reduce cold air loss by providing a convenient space for keeping frequently-used items handy, thereby improving energy efficiency of the appliance. In addition, the LINEARCooling and DoorCooling+ technology

excels in keeping food fresher for longer by minimising temperature fluctuations and distributing airflow strategically.

responsibility to produce appliances that are easy on the environment and protect the future of the planet.” Elsewhere, the LG Turbowash360 9kg

washing machine (above right) has secured ‘A’ ratings for energy, spin, and noise efficiency. To finish off, the Steam+ technology helps to eliminate 99.9 per cent of allergens and looks after fabrics so consumers’ clothes last longer.

September 2021

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